Six worthless food items to straightaway remove from diet

healthy-food-123rf-9875838_sAll those health conscious people out there should focus on removing unwanted food from their diets. They take informed decisions on diet but may be accidentally consuming food items which aren’t good enough. Ranging from experienced coaches to nutrition experts, given below is their view on removing certain food items from diet to be healthy.

Abby Calcutt , Boston based health and nutrition expert.

The dietician and nutritionist advise people to remove Arizona iced tea. This is a bright example of beverage equipped with sugar more than what is required each day. It is cleverly marked with healthy label of being iced tea. Instead of this beverage, consume foods which have more fiber content like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans.

Stacy Sims, San Francisco based Physiologist.

Stacy chooses to remove the low or nonfat fruit based Greek yoghurts. Presently, there is a big buzz about this yoghurt being very good for health. It is out of the quickly growing categories within daily aisle. However, it has been spoiled with pre-blending granola, dessert and chocolate flavours. The added addictives and sugar content have removed all the good qualities from this Greek yoghurt.

Lori Zanini, Los Angeles based registered dietician.

According to Zanini, flavourful coffee creamers may appear unlikely owing to their addition into coffee in very limited amount. Many people fail to realize that most of the coffee creamers have hydrogenated oils. These are usually trans fats which may be harmful to the health of heart. It lowers the good cholesterol and increases the bad ones while giving extra and empty calories. Coffee consumption is a regular habit and small amounts multiply the health risk.  For a healthier diet, do away with the cream and drink black coffee to make the diet healthier.

Chris Bennett, New York based Running coach.

Chris advises people to remove soda from their diet. It is also one of the simplest things to sacrifice from the diet with water. People are likely to lose weight by removing soda and adding water. It gives more energy and keeps you hydrated, ultimately ensuring better health overall. At the same time, it will lower the damage to bones, kidneys, liver and teeth.

Jim White, Virginia based gym owner and dietician.

According to Jim, one should reduce the consumption of sweet cereals keeping it occasionally. Similarly, people may have fibre rich cereals consisting 8g of sugar or lesser each serving. The advertisements of cereals could be misleading by claiming to be fresh fruit, healthy whole grains, etc. However, these are equipped with unhealthy refined sugars. Instead of reading the box front, go through whole grains within the list of ingredients. Add things like fresh fruits, raw almonds, 1 tsp ground flaxseed for full satisfaction without doubling the exact serving size.

Brandon McDaniel, strength and conditioning coach.

Reaching out to fruity bars or granola bars due to false claims of being healthy grains may backfire, says McDaniel. It consists of several poor ingredients, highly processed and has a lot of sugars. It is a much better idea to have a balanced diet featuring proteins, carbs and fats.

Image credit: Cathy Yeulet