8 Tips on How to Eat Less Without Feeling Hungry

8 Tips on How to Eat Less Without Feeling HungryA good figure depends on the amount of food eaten. Less is a task sometimes unbearable and the more you try to fulfill it, the more you eat. But we know how to limit food and not suffer from hunger.

Hunger is due to psychological reasons, but also because we eat a lot of “empty” carbohydrates and unbalanced food. A few tricks will help you cut the amount of food twice.

Protein food
Protein takes part in the construction of muscles, muscle tissue in turn accelerates metabolism. Already an excellent product for the preservation of the figure, right? Add to this the fact that the protein is digested at times slower than fat and carbohydrates, which means that the feeling of saturation remains much longer. Look for protein in meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, corn and beans.

A hearty breakfast
Often we are hungry all day, just because we have had a bad breakfast. A rich breakfast will allow you to stay full until lunch, do not eat up throughout the day and limit yourself to a light dinner, because the body has not been hungry all day, and does not need to overeat.

More fiber
Fiber is useful for digestion, and it also creates a feeling of fullness and fullness of the stomach. Contained cellulose in vegetables and fruits, but we recommend to lean on vegetables.

No Sweet
If you want to eat less often, you should limit the amount of sugar: not only in donuts and sweets, but also in fruits. The thing is that sugar is absorbed too quickly and the feeling of hunger appears sooner than the body really needs.

Water balance
You must have heard that sometimes thirst is masked by hunger. Try to drink water and see if the urge to eat something is urgently gone. Observe the balance of water: 8 glasses a day, a glass every hour and forget about overeating.

Small portions
Eat often, in small portions. This will protect your stomach from stretching, and so satiety will come faster. And you just do not have time to get hungry for 2-3 hours.

Food on schedule
If you accustom the body to receive food strictly on schedule, it will not require snacks from boredom in the middle of the day.

Snacks with you
Take snacks with you: we often eat up because we do not have time to eat and rush off in haste and cares, when we can finally eat. A pack of nuts or dried fruits will solve this problem.

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