Can Massage Promote Weight Loss?

Can Massage Promote Weight Loss?Admit, you probably have not once dreamed of a wonderful method of losing weight, where you do not have to limit yourself to eating, “to be killed” in the gym, but simply to lie and dream about something pleasant?

That’s for these dreamers and designed ads, the essence of which is reduced to one phrase: “Weight loss, massage.”

So what can and can not help massage?

Lose weight with the help of massage, in principle, it turns out. But only in principle, and even then, not at all.

During the massage, blood circulation is increased, muscles are warmed up, their supply of oxygen increases. And as we already know, this is a favorable opportunity for the splitting of fat. But in the end, then, the cleavage of fat is not the masseur, but our working muscles.

Therefore, on a direct question: “Can I lose weight with the help of massage” experts prefer to laugh out: “Of course you can, if you – a massage therapist.”

Basically, massage can be conditionally divided into: restorative, therapeutic and sports.

  • General strengthening, or, as it is called, hygienic massage is aimed at caring for the body, relieving fatigue or emotional stress, to prevent various diseases. It can be general and local, manual or hardware, and even conducted in different places: from a Russian bath to a medical center. It can be combined with morning exercises, and with exercises in the gym.
  • Medical massage is an effective means of healing various diseases, the consequences of injuries, restoring the possibilities of the organism after operations. This kind of massage is usually combined with elements of manual therapy, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy. It is best done in specialized medical centers.
  • Sportive massage is aimed at training an athlete for competitions, helps to prevent injuries and diseases of joints, ligaments, muscles, spine.

So it turns out that massage massage is different, not to mention the masseurs themselves!

What should a professional masseur look like, what kind of equipment should he have?

First of all, his hands are always in order. Short nails, no burrs, abrasions, scratches. There are no rings, watches and bracelets, that is all that can injure the skin. The second mandatory condition – a professional should have a special massage table. Even those who leave for the house. Offer you a massage in bed or on the dining table will be only an unskilled massage therapist. In addition, a professional always has a set of creams, ointments, oils, from which, after an allergy test, he will choose the necessary remedy for you. Another important point: during the session, the masseur will never strip your entire body. If the back is massaged, the legs should be covered, and vice versa. When some part of the body is already resting after the massage, it is supposed to cover it warmly – for example, with a preheated diaper. This allows you to keep warm and feel comfortable. After the session, you should not have any bruises on your body, no matter what methods the masseur uses. Some people say: “Oh, what strong hands my masseur has, my back is bruised!”. Alas! This is evidence of unskilled work.

Accordingly, you should feel the warmth that spreads over the body and realize that your muscles are not only stroking, but also grasping, kneading, working on them, and in a certain sequence.

On the class of a masseur says that he has a technique of work, when one smoothly flows from another not only in one session, but during the whole course of massage.

And by the way, the course of general wellness massage usually ranges from 8 to 15 sessions. Then it’s just that our body gets used to it and there are no positive serious changes happening.

We sum up. By itself, massage can not reduce weight. But if you seriously decide to take care of yourself, then in combination with proper nutrition and physical exercises, massage will bring good benefits: the friability, puffiness, all will be tightened, and will become firm, smooth and elastic. As a result, your figure will definitely change for the better!

Image credit: rhythmuswege