Requirements for a Masseuse

Requirements for a MasseuseFor more effective massage it is desirable to establish a friendly contact between the massage therapist and the Patient. At the same time, the first person must coordinate his actions with the doctor in charge of the person being massaged. This determines the duration of the course of massage treatment, the frequency and duration of sessions, their total number, the area of ​​massage, the use of certain techniques, the technique of their implementation, dosage. In this case, a rational combination of massage and medication or some other type of treatment is prescribed by the doctor.
It is also desirable that the masseur has a special diary containing information about the main indicators of the physical state of the Patient: the pulse before and after the massage session, blood pressure, muscle tone, body weight.

There are two main criteria for the behavior of a masseur: psychological and technical. The first includes a benevolent attitude toward the patient, which does not allow any manifestations of rudeness, harshness, and also attentiveness, tact, calmness and confidence in one’s actions. The masseur must also have the ability to adjust to the mental state of the person being Patient and his mood, to subtly feel his attitude towards performing massage techniques, so that, with the slightest negative reaction on his part, it is imperative to stop the massage or change the technique of performing the reception.

The technical side of the massage includes the necessary knowledge of the anatomical structure of the body (the direction of the lymphatic tract and the location of large lymph nodes, the location and attachment of muscles and tendons, the position of internal organs, the course of nerve fibers and large vessels), the ability to conduct any kind of massage, correctness performance of any massage reception, the ability to select the necessary techniques at the moment and their combinations according to the following features: maximum efficiency, as well as display tions for their implementation, compliance with the required sequence of primary and secondary methods of massage.

It is also necessary that the masseur can use his powers rationally during the entire massage session, since it requires a lot of energy. Therefore, the hands of the masseur must possess strength and agility, and be plastic. It is necessary to pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • ability to stretch the brush;
  • the strength of the flexor of the fingers;
  • the ability to stretch between the thumb and forefinger;
  • mobility in metacarpophalangeal joints;
  • mobility in wrist joints;
  • flexibility of the hand joints;
  •  high level of sensitivity. Presence of these qualities at the masseur is promoted
  • correct execution of receptions and prevents rapid fatigue. They can be developed by regularly doing training, using carpal and manual expanders, dumbbells, or, for example, pressing out of the latch, etc.

The masseuse needs to be able to massage both hands equally, while forcing only the muscle group necessary to perform this method. The rest of the muscles are in a relaxed state. So, when you need to perform the reception with the muscles of the hand, do not strain the muscles of the forearm, shoulder, or back. Receptions are also performed not at the expense of muscle tension, but by using the weight of the arm or trunk.

The masseur is obliged to observe the rules of hygiene. Hands must be absolutely clean, for which it is necessary to wash them with warm soapy water immediately before the massage; warm, which can be achieved with the help of special exercises for warming up and preparing the hands; soft and dry.
If excessive sweating can help wipe them with a 1% solution of formalin, after which you need to wash them with cold water and powder it with talc. Cold and moist palms are not permissible. In this case, you can also hold contrasting hands for the hands and rubbing them with lemon juice.
If from frequent washing there is excessive dryness of hands, they appear cracks, help lubricate with a fat cream. At the end of the session, hands can also be lubricated with a cream or a special emollient liquid, which includes 25 g of glycerin, 25 ml of a 3% aqueous solution of ammonia and 5 g of 96% ethyl alcohol.

In addition, the massage therapist must take into account that during the session it is necessary to remove all ornaments (rings, bracelets), wristwatches and short-cut nails in order to avoid causing damage to the skin to the patient.

Also on the hands should not be corns and warts, as well as scratches, cracks, abrasions. It is inadmissible to carry out a massage if the masseur has fungal diseases, inflammatory processes, etc.

Do not use alcohol, smoking. It is necessary to exclude all the factors that can unpleasantly affect the patient and cause negative emotions. All this will reduce the effectiveness of massage.

Keep clean and tidy clothes. It is best to wear a loose, non-stiffening gown with short sleeves. Shoes should be light, free, without high heels.

It is not recommended to start the massage immediately after a meal, as this will adversely affect the digestive process.
During the session, it is recommended that the pose be changed sometimes to avoid rapid fatigue, and it should also be comfortable.

If you are overly excited, you can do a few breathing exercises that help to calm. The masseur must have the peace of mind to pass it on to the patient. It also requires extreme attention and sensitivity to the mass, the slightest complaint of which for unpleasant sensations as a result of this or that method should not be ignored. Undoubtedly, the masseuse needs to be a good psychologist, since his work is also connected with people.

Patient, too, must follow certain rules of hygiene. He needs to thoroughly wash the body immediately before the massage session or at least wipe it with a damp towel. After this, the body is wiped dry. Any damage to the skin is carefully treated with hydrogen peroxide. They are lubricated with xerophon-ointment and sealed with adhesive plaster. If there is any infection on the skin of the patient (fungal diseases, lichen, eczema, etc.), the masseur has the right to refuse a massage session.

In the presence of abundant hair, massaging through the sheet is allowed to avoid irritation of hair follicles. In this case, special emulsions are also used.

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