How to get rid of rounded shoulders quickly and easily

The beauty and grace of the human body are related not only to the lack of excess weight, but also to the correct posture. A stooped man from the side looks unattractive, especially this applies to the appearance of girls and women. The hunched and asymmetrical position of the shoulders spoils the impression of a person, even if he does not have other problems with the figure. In addition, not only aesthetic problems are associated with stoop. Incorrect posture, as a rule, entails and pain in the back.

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Causes of stoop

Saddle can be caused by a lot of reasons, but most often the wrong posture is associated with a sedentary mode of action and with a monotonous sitting job, when a person spends a lot of time in an uncomfortable position. In the mass of this is typical for all office workers who do not come off during the day from the computer. By the extent to which such work is widespread in the modern world, one can also judge the extent of the problem.

The formation of an incorrect posture is also influenced by the lack of physical activity, short sleep and lack of rest, when the body simply does not have time to recover. There are also more serious obvious reasons for stoop. Sometimes problems with skewing of the spine are associated with different lengths of legs or with incorrect formation of the muscular back skeleton, with rickets and tuberculosis of the vertebrae. Often irregular posture is formed in people with poor hearing and vision, when they are forced to constantly bend and curl the back in order to better hear or see something.

If we take away from the brackets specific diseases that lead to the formation of a wrong posture and medical treatment of which can correct the situation, there are many reasons that spoil the figure of practically healthy people. It is possible and necessary to fight them, above all, by strengthening the muscles of the back, especially its upper part.

Devices for getting rid of stoop

For years, back brace for back have been considered one of the most effective ways of correcting posture. Such body position correctors can be soft, semi-rigid and rigid. The principle of their action is to maintain the back in the correct position due to fixation of the trunk and separate muscle groups. The advantage of bandages and back brace lies in the fact that even with the first use of stoop, there is no trace. Gradually the person gets used to the correct posture and learns to keep it without the help of adjusting devices. Nowadays some models of back brace are equipped with sensors that are able to determine the position of the body in space, collect information about it and even signal about the need to change the posture.

Supporting back brace for posture correction are used not only to get rid of stoop, but also to treat joint diseases such as osteoporosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis, etc. Wearing a bandage can be prescribed after injuries or surgeries. There are a lot of varieties of corrective posture adaptations, and the prices for them range from several hundred rubles to several tens of thousands.

Models of back brace take into account the anatomical features of the structure of the male and female body, special adaptations are developed for children. When choosing a support device, you need to determine the model and size, all this should be done after consulting a specialist. A good orthopedic doctor before a recommendation will check the degree and type of posture disorder, the condition of the spine and the muscular back brace, and will determine whether there are any contraindications to wearing a back brace.

In most cases, using corrective posture of modern means, you can achieve an almost perfect straightening and maintaining the axis of the spine in the correct position. In this case, wearing back brace is not recommended for more than 4 hours a day, and to refuse to wear them after the appearance of a lasting effect should be gradual. As a rule, together with the wearing of the posture corrector the doctor advises the execution of a set of exercises aimed at strengthening his own muscular back brace. Such exercises are useful to carry out and in the event that when stooping does not take the decision to use corrective posture adaptations.

Exercises for Back Stooping

Exercises for Back Stooping

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First of all, it is necessary to remember that to maintain the correct posture of the body it is required to maintain the muscles of the back, chest and shoulder complex in good condition. That’s why any sport activities without excessive loads allow a person to steer clear of himself and forget about problems with his back forever.

There is also a specially designed set of exercises to maintain the body in the right position. To begin with, you need to learn to concentrate on correct posture. To do this, several times a day, repeat a simple exercise: insert back to the wall and straighten your back, touching the wall with the buttocks, shoulder blades, back of the shoulders and the back of the head. It is necessary to fix this position, focus on it and try to maintain the same posture when walking and sitting.

To strengthen the muscles of the back exercises are recommended, implying the arching of the back in a standing position forwards and backwards, with the hands resting on the wall. The exercises themselves are done without haste on inspiration, mentally fixing the muscle tension. In the initial position the body returns on exhalation. All exercises for the back need to be done several times and in several approaches. Also, you can bend your back from the position of lying on your abdomen, focusing on outstretched arms. An extremely useful exercise is a bridge, which is made from the position of lying on the back.

Turns are also considered effective for training your back muscles. Stand with your back to the wall at a distance of 20-30 centimeters, turn slowly to the left, leaning the surface of both hands to the wall, fix this position for a few seconds, then in the same way turn to the right.

The next exercise is the slopes. It can be a so-called mill, familiar to many in school physical education classes. The legs are placed wider than the shoulders, the arms are bent to the sides, the body body tilts under the angle of 90 degrees, the back should be straight. From this initial position it is necessary to try to reach with the right hand the left foot, and with the left hand – the right one.

You can do exercises with light dumbbells. The legs should be placed shoulder width and slightly bent, the body tilted forward at an angle of 90 degrees, hands with dumbbells in the starting position should be kept straightened down. On inhalation, you should try to spread your hands to the sides, fix the position for a few seconds and lower them down on exhalation.

Complete the set of exercises to maintain the posture and strengthen the muscles of the back follows the fixation of the correct position of the body against the wall, as described above.

Back massage

Back massage with stoop

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In combination with a set of physical exercises, to achieve a greater effect, sessions of back and lower back massage can be prescribed. Such procedures improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, return elasticity to muscles, lead them into tonus. In this regard, he uses both classical back massage with manual influence on various muscle groups, and massage with applicators and other auxiliaries. To correct posture, as a rule, a course of several massage sessions is prescribed.

Physical exercises and massage are also used as prevention. It is necessary to resort to these means, without waiting for the appearance of tension and pain in the back, it will allow in the early stages to prevent the appearance of stoop, look beautiful and healthy, permanently preserve grace.