How So People Make It Living To 100?

How So People Make It Living To 100?In today’s global economies, societies, and various dieting or nutrition habits there is a great strain and sleuth of stressors that commonly overwork or burn out individuals—commonly leading to poor health. In addition to this, the simplicity of following a healthy diet and nutritional plan seems to likewise be regularly neglected or abused.

While some scientists and researchers steer towards genetics in being the underlying cause of determining factor for those reading their 90’s or more, others lean towards diet and nutrition, fitness, and lack of abuse to the body. Lastly, medical professionals in particular have pointed out that those whom are less stressed, remain with or live a more positive lifestyle, and are in control of both their emotions and environments are most prone to living a longer, happier life.

Many individuals that have, or continue to live at very ‘ripe’ ages such as in their 90’s or surpassing a 100 swear by the reality of treating your body good, not only with vitamins, nutrition, and fitness—but also avoiding the abuse of, or consumption in general of alcohol or drugs of any kind. In fact, the whole ‘one wine a day is healthy’ principle suddenly appears to make its way out of the picture when observing and taking into consideration the contributing factors of individuals that have managed to, live a healthier and happy lifestyle, far beyond the primal years of most modern adults in today’s most underdeveloped, as well as developed societies.

If you’re serious about your body, mind, and healthy living then paying especially close attention to daily requirements of vitamins and nutrition’s can go all the extra way when it comes to live surpassing a ‘riper’ age of about 70 to 75 years old—a common age in which many Americans become quite ill, or otherwise deceased. While some blame culture, other medicines or lack thereof, and those whom stand behind dieting routines, personal fitness, and meditation, in the grand scheme of things, it would appear as though the most effective “plan” for living longer consists of taking less drugs or pharmaceuticals, going for more walks, jogs, meditation and yoga, and ultimately most importantly of all ensuring consistency.

May it be consistency related to health, dieting, nutrition, or moods, a healthy living goal and success to such a long-life doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, consistency in routine daily, relating to work, studies, and social interactions should all find a healthier balance, for a healthier you, and in turn a healthy living experience.

The last thing anybody wants is to grow into such an older age, yet constantly be sick, have to be ‘tucked away’ into a retirement home, or face the pains, agony, withdraw, side-effects, and long-term changes incurred by their bodies due to long-term abuse, poor dieting, decision-making, or social experiences and decisions. So in conclusion, if you want to live 100, you’re going to have to put in the necessary work! It won’t be easy, but many will likewise argue that living a healthier lifestyle is in fact quite simpler than an abusive, unsuccessful, or otherwise unhealthy lifestyle!

Image credit: stylephotographs