How to Get Great Abs

How to Get Great AbsStraight muscle is responsible for the beautiful shape of the abdomen, and pump it – easy. You just need to do The long and flat muscle, stretching from the chest to the groin, consists of two “tapes”, divided into the notorious “cubes”. This muscle is straight.

When you do not go in for sports for a long time, your abdominal muscles become weak, including the straight.

To get the coveted relief press, you need only three steps: reduce the layer of fat in the rectus abdominis muscle, increase the size of the muscle itself and exercise regularly.

This muscle does not need a lot of exercise, and the training itself will develop both the upper and lower part of the press.

Priority should be exercising, concentrating on twisting, for example, twisting in the prone position and reverse twisting.

Normal twisting

Lying on an inclined board or on the floor, lift the body up.

The legs remain motionless, and the lower the head is, the greater the load on the lower press. The legs bent on the floor also increase the load.

Keep your hands away from the abdomen, better at the back of your head.

Reverse twisting

This kind of twisting involves lifting up the legs.

Performing a reverse twist lying on the floor. The higher the body relative to the hips, the greater the load on the rectus muscle.

Twisting performed by the movement of the pelvis up, and you can raise the legs in the wall.

Alternate such twists with curls lying down, making 4 sets of each (20-50 twists). The interval between sets is no more than 1 minute.

Alternatively, you can do the usual “bike” to diversify the training program.

Picture Credit: calibra