When to Worry About Low Back Pain

When to Worry About Low Back PainFind out why back pain cannot be ignored.

Every person at least once in his life felt pain in his back. Often, discomfort occurs in the lumbar region.

The pain does not pass for a long time

If within a month the pain does not go away, and rest and painkillers do not help, then you should visit a doctor.

The pain spreads to an arm or leg

If we are talking about the spine, then we can talk about the lesion of the intervertebral disc. In this case, you should contact your neurologist, and he may prescribe a course of massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, gymnastics to strengthen the muscular system or the use of special elastic plaster.

Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arm or leg

Problems with muscle tone in the lower limbs, which manifest as tingling needles or numb sensations. This may be damage to the nerve fiber.

Pain at night

If the pain torments the night or morning feeling stiff, then it can be ankylosing spondylitis. This is a systemic inflammatory disease that can be cured only by selecting special therapy.

Pain accompanied by fever or weight loss

If there is a fever and began to lose weight sharply, then it may be a tumor process of the spinal cord and spine. No need to postpone the trip to the doctor.

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