Magnesium is nothing to sneeze at

Chiropractic: food sources of magnesium
food sources of magnesium

Magnesium is one of the nutrients that the body needs to function at top efficiency. Found in a variety of foods, mainly nuts and grains, to neglect the body of magnesium is to play with one’s health to detrimental ends. Even chiropractic therapy can detect magnesium deficiency. The effects of magnesium deficiency can manifest in many ways but there are simple ways to combat it and get chiback on the road to good nutritional health.

Signs of magnesium deficiency can include malformed nails, sleeping disorders, heart rhythms tat are abnormal, hyperventilation, seizures, nausea, vomiting, intestinal distress and a horrid sense of wellbeing. It’s because every organ in the body utilizes magnesium.

You do not want to be on the bad end of a magnesium deficient diet. However, it’s rare to be totally deficient of magnesium since it’s found in so many readily available foods like nuts, grains, green leafy veggies, meats, fish, fruits. It’s where you get the magnesium and how it’s absorbed by the body that makes the difference. The wrong combination along with the wrong diet can deplete the body of magnesium. Too much coffee and other foods can really put some damage on you.

To combat the problem there are several ways to boost up your magnesium levels and here are some.

1.)  Getting the proper combination of magnesium in concordance with other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You just don’t dump magnesium down your throat and expect it to do the job, no, nature has had millions of years of practice combining just the right formula to get magnesium absorbed into your system efficiently. Check with your doctor and nutritionist to get the right info and don’t listen to those gurus who claim to know everything.

2.)  Knowing the right type of magnesium to use is most important. Some suggest colloidal magnesium, magnesium chloride, and not magnesium oxide are the way to go. Again, this is the area of professional dieticians and doctors to guide you.

3.)  Did you know you can rub magnesium oil on you and get a big boost in efficiency. It may sound weird but some swear by it.

So in a nutshell, magnesium is a major important mineral. Not to be sneezed at nor underestimated. Get your doctor’s approval and guidance and make sure you’re getting the right type, dosage, and more for your overall wellbeing.

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