Reduce Wrinkles with Simple Facial Massage

Simple Facial MassageFacial Wrinkle Massage – Daily skin rejuvenation

With questions of rejuvenation of the skin of women begin to ask with the first appearance of the first wrinkles on the forehead, in the area of ​​lips and eyes. Someone rushes to buy miracle-rejuvenating creams from well-known manufacturers, someone decides on cosmetic procedures promising effective and quick action. There is another very effective way to make the skin elastic, smooth wrinkles on the skin and prolong its youth – this is a special massage facial wrinkles, which can be done in the cabin or at home on their own.

Massage of face from wrinkles: indications and contraindications

You do not need to think that facial wrinkle massage is recommended only for those over 30 and who have noticed the first age changes on their face. This is a great prophylactic, which not only prevents the premature aging of the skin, but also warns against it. So the sooner you start to master the technique of this massage, the longer your skin will remain young and beautiful.
It is impossible to treat a person’s massage as a publicly available and absolutely safe method of rejuvenation, available to everyone. He has a number of contraindications, ignoring which can lead to serious complications:

  • any inflammatory processes;
  • herpes;
  • hemophilia;
  • open wounds and injuries;
  • warts;
  • big birthmarks.

In order to achieve maximum effect, in addition to contraindications, you also need to know the basic rules.

How to make facial massage against wrinkles?

To do face massage at home, you need to adhere to several simple, but very important rules, to know how to properly massage a face yourself.
1. For half an hour before the massage, make a hot compress on herbs for the face, so that the muscles well warmed up and were more prone to massage.
2. Do not allow hair to fall under your fingers – remove them under a hat or scarf.
3. Hands must be washed, cleaned from under the nails all dirt, and otherwise you can easily take the infection.
4. Immediately before the massage itself, apply a special cream or butter. It should be remembered that the skin on the face – delicate and delicate, so that it can react to the ingredients of the massage agent allergic reactions. So it is not superfluous to test it on the wrist.
5. It is necessary to study the massage lines, on which all movements are carried out, because the lymph is moving along them. If you make a massage randomly and chaotic, it can lead to the reverse effect: the skin will stretch, obovaya, there will be new wrinkles. How do massage lines go?

  • from the center of your chin to the earlobe;
  • from the central point, located below the lower lip to the earlobe;
  • from the central point above the upper lip to the centers of the temples;
  • from the corners of the lips to the middle of the ears;
  • from the center of your forehead to the pores to the centers of the temples (line of eyebrows);
  • from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner (lower eyelid);
  • from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer (upper eyelid).

6. Moving from the massage of one area to another, you need to be able to do this correct transition: with the pads of fingers, click on the temporal region, which is the center of all metabolic processes in the skin of the face.
7. Massage movements should be gentle and neat, especially in the area around the eyes.
To achieve a tangible result that will be visible to the naked eye, face-to-face massage should be done regularly. For example, 10 days in a row, every day, 10-20 minutes, then resume the course in a week.

The best ways to massage against wrinkles

Depending on the problem area of ​​the face, you can select several techniques of massage.

1. Massage against vertical wrinkles on the forehead

Place your fingers at the center of your forehead, located on the knee. Pressing the pads of the fingers on the skin, keep them from the center of the forehead to the temples. From the temples go back to the center of the forehead, but without pressure. Repeat 10 times. Such facial massage reviews have the most positive, as it allows you to get rid even of facial wrinkles.

2. Massage against nasolabial wrinkles

Point and middle fingers put in a depression around the nostrils and push it several times.

3. Massage against wrinkles around the eyes

With easy tapping make a massage initially of the upper eyelid, then – the lower one. Finish the massage with a soft touch of the wrist on the face of the hole.

4. Tweezers (Jacques Massage)

For all massage lines light lacings are produced, which affects the deeper layers of the skin. Only the best can be found on the tweezers massage facial wrinkle reviews.

5. Japanese face massage Shiatsu

Very popular recently, the Japanese massage facial wrinkles is to smudge and click on certain points of the face:

  • bony hole, which is one centimeter below the top of the scythe;
  • points located along the edge of the lower jaw;
  • points on the upper edge of the ophthalmic;
  • the point between the eyebrows;
  • lateral bone fossa of the nose (above the nostrils).

Unique in its action on the skin, facial massage with wrinkles. This is a very simple and at the same time an effective remedy for getting rid of wrinkles of different origins – both mimic and age-old.

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