Sweetening the deal by sweetening your Diet

Sweetening the deal by sweetening your DietIn today’s ‘health society’, people commonly paint the picture of, and in turn worry that sugars of all kinds are unhealthy for us. While any food outside of controlled proportion can be counterproductive to our health, this does not necessarily make them unhealthy for us within responsible dieting guidelines.

Many people fear diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure as consequential effects from consuming too much salt or sugar. The reality is however, that more than anything else, overeating and obesity are the most common and detrimental health conditions or side affects, specifically Type II Diabetes. A lack of metabolizing power, control, or processing of glucose and insulin within the body lead to illness as we neglect our bodies, diets, and any sort of reputable workout regime on a regular basis. Consider and research the cause of high blood pressure, and its significant roles in Diabetic disease development, and consider various dieting and fitness forms of prevention.

‘Good’ v. ‘Bad’ Sugars

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), there are plenty of healthier choices when consuming the sweets that come in the form of natural sugar. Consider adding fresh vegetables or fruits to your diet, and getting your sweet ‘fix’ this way. The dangers of added sugar are very serious, as high levels of carbs and unhealthy fats commonly accompany them—which also together cause even more critical damage to our hearts and other major organs, as well as our blood. Try observing the labels on the foods you consume, and understand the difference between the two, as well as total sugar content (per serving) of what it is you’re putting into your body.

Know the limits

We are best off by keeping our pure sugar consumption in grams per below 100 calories per day, which if you think of it, isn’t really a ‘whole lot’. This is most likely much less compared to what you’re probably already consuming—according to the American Heart Association (AHA). It’s important that we allow our body the proper amount of time to break down both the natural and added sugars that we consume, so that we do not create heart problems or unnecessarily increase our blood pressure.

Give your body what you want it to give you, a long happy, healthy life full of quality intake to outtake, dieting, fitness, and nutritional discipline. In today’s products both frozen and ‘fresh’, and even that daily cup of Joe, manufacturers and restaurants are pumping more and more unnatural sugar into the foods we consume. Understand the risks and prolong your life, your body and mind will thank you, and so will the future you.

Image credit: alex9500