Allergic cough

AllergyPeople often underestimate the danger when they suddenly have a cough, an unclear rhinitis and sneezing. Some admit the idea of ​​an allergy, but more often the symptoms are attributed to viruses and colds, especially if the street is cold. Since most people have a most harmful habit: self-medication on the Internet, the allergy continues to develop rapidly. Underestimate the risk of having an allergen, which served as a provoker for a cough, is quite dangerous for health. Therefore, it is important to notice signs of an allergic cough in time and try to eliminate the original source.

What is an allergy?

Allergy does not refer to a disease of the body in full understanding of the meaning of this term, although it is considered as such. In fact, an allergy is a sharp reaction of the body to special substances called allergens. To such substances it is possible to carry a wool, especially cat’s because of features of sebaceous glands, a dust, flowering plants and flowers. But in reality for every person there can be an allergen, and it can be of any shape and kind. For example, some children have an allergic reaction to honey and sweet, some adults may have a sudden reaction to spices. Facilitates the treatment of a person’s knowledge of their disease and substance, which reacts to his body. But often it happens that the patient does not even guess what exactly triggered the appearance of severe inflammation of the mucosa or edema of Quincke. The symptomatology of the disease depends on which organ is ill and serves as a conduit for the manifestation of allergies. More often it’s bronchi, nose, throat. The disease is insidious in that if a person has never suffered an allergy attack in his life, he simply will not take it into account. Meanwhile, the absence of bright signs can not serve as proof that there is no reaction of the organism to any particular enzyme or substance. A person can not suffer from such reactions from birth, and later, due to some violations in the body, become allergic.

Symptoms of an allergic cough

Most often, an allergic attack begins with the onset of a cold or cough. An allergic cough appears at the moment when the stimulus hits the mucous membrane of the larynx. Our larynx organ is very sensitive, the reaction is possible even if a small amount of dust or nicotine gets into it. Surely many noticed that on the street or at home there may be a short-term cough, if the windows are open in the summer or in the apartment the air is simply overdried. If the body is able to resist such irritants, then, most likely, cough will manifest itself imperceptibly, will not bring discomfort to a person. At a coughing up villi, surrounding bronchi, try to tear off alien microelements. Allergic cough itself is not particularly dangerous, but if it is accompanied by swelling of the mucous nasopharynx, it can serve as a provocateur of stenosis of the larynx.

Stenosis is a disease with an overestimated mortality threshold, especially in children. The paroxysmal cough, which literally turns the bronchial tubes inside out, is even more aggravated at night. If the swelling begins, and in most cases it happens, if the allergy is not treated in time, that is, the risk of narrowing the glottis. The patient coughs, suffocates, there is a risk for life.
Causes of the occurrence of an allergic cough It is difficult to say unambiguously what caused the appearance of such a cough, if a person up to this point did not suffer seizures. But most often the allergen is covered in spring flowering, wool or dust. But these are only the main allergens that need to be eliminated immediately if you suspect a disease. It may also be that a cough provokes smoking or just a smell of smoke in the house, while it appears episodically, disappears an hour after the elimination of the provoking nicotine. Sometimes a person can start coughing after taking some medications. The medicine can give skin reactions together with a cough: urticaria, dropsy. More often it happens at self-treatment or at application of “grandmother’s” recipes without consultation of the expert. Allergen can be concealed in cosmetics, for example, hair spray is almost always an irritant and only an aggravation of an attack of an allergic cough depends on the state of human health. Powders, especially friable, dry shadows, perfumes, deodorants – all this contains allergens, obviously provoking cough. Often people with an allergic cough suffer who work in the workplace or on the street. Microparticles of dust or harmful substances during breathing easily enter the larynx, trachea and then into the bronchus.

How to treat cough

The first step to complete cure is the detection of an allergen that provoked an allergy. It should be understood that coughing, runny nose, sneezing are the symptoms and signs of the disease. For successful treatment, the stimulus must first be removed. If it’s a cat, you need to give the animal back; If it is dust and dry air, then it is necessary to moisten the apartment and do a wet cleaning. With a drug allergy, if cough and skin rashes have already occurred, you need to pay a visit to the doctor. Even taking antibiotics can cause such reactions. And you need to consider that if you are allergic to blooming, for example, then another tremendous allergy can trigger the onset of an exacerbation. When treating an allergic cough, it is important to strengthen the immune system. To do this, you need to consume more fruits, drink vitamin supplements, monitor your health. Do not be lazy to rinse your nose and rinse your larynx.

Image credit: Сenczi