Factors leading to reduced sleeping at night

Factors leading to reduced sleeping at night A full night’s sleep is important to get up the next day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It is not just the level of stress which interrupts with normal sleeping. There is more to it as some health issues at physical level needs to be addressed. It can be taken care of and some of the probable barriers to natural sleep are listed below:

Blood Sugar Issues:

The sleepy feeling that lingers in the afternoon while sitting down may not arise out of the lack of normal sleep. The blood sugar levels may have a role to play and one should try eliminating certain food products from diet. You may start off with sugar, cereal and bread products for at least three weeks to find out if it’s helpful. Have a small snack of protein with high quality fats prior to going to the bed. Be sure enough to have protein breakfast after rising within almost an hour of time. If you aren’t feeling hungry at morning and doesn’t enjoy breakfast, the blood sugar isn’t on normal cycle. You may also consult a chiropractor to treat such problems.

Thyroid Problems:

Thyroid hormones may be imbalanced leading to heart palpitations during the night. At times, even the body may be unable to relax prior to going for sleep. The thyroid must be treated by an expert and experienced practitioner who gets to know the thyroid completely. There are several doctors who are unaware of testing correctly for detection of thyroid problems.Doctor may advice you to rest for blood lab report is normal. However, in case the thyroid problems progress undetected, it may lead to adverse impact on health in future. Neuromuscular problems can be treated by an expert chiropractor.

Adrenal fatigue:

Anxiety, allergies, asthma, lower blood pressure, poor circulation and fibromyalgia may signal adrenal exhaustion. Nervous and muscular exhaustion along with these aforementioned symptoms often interferes with normal sleep. A chiropractor has the ability to treat such problems through certain adjustments and manipulative techniques. Consult any practitioner that can both test and also treat the adrenals. Thyroid issues may also lead to adrenal issues as endocrine system may work together in the same way as orchestra. Don’t expect nice music in the absence of  the instruments.

Toxicity of gall bladder and liver:

According to Chinese medicine principles, the organs go through detoxification at night. In case the organ remains congested, it may lead to wakefulness. For waking up within 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., it may be difficult to return to sleep. One may consider a gall bladder and liver detoxification. It is possible to benefit from spring cleaning for gall bladder and liver as the latter is the primary detox organ in blood. Constipation, cancer, pains, aches, obesity, allergies, skin eruptions, itching skin, flatulence may indicate over burdening liver.

Digestion problems

Have light food at nighttime post 6 p.m. and also consume probiotics and digestive enzymes. Some of these patients with signs of gastric reflux diagnosis also suffer hiatus hernia. Many doctors may be unable to improve it but it is a small adjustment with a professional chiropractor or a naturopath. Stop the consumption of medication which impacts the digestion by reducing the stomach acid such as GURD medications. Many of us require stomach acid in order to digest sugar and carb rich diet.

Image credit: Katarzyna Białasiewicz