Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

Fitness Tips for Pregnant WomenPregnancy is an excuse for the great joy and happiness that should come in every woman’s life. But nobody hides the fact that during the pregnancy the female body is altered. Each woman is concerned about how to keep fit and not to harm the baby. If you feel great, you are not worried about anything, then fitness classes for pregnant women will only benefit you. For women who have been practicing during pregnancy, it’s easier and more painless to take contractions and childbirth.

So, you decide to do fitness during pregnancy, where to start? First of all, you need to consult a doctor who is watching you throughout your pregnancy. The next step is to determine the type of classes you will attend. Consider popular and effective programs that include fitness for expectant mothers.

Kind of fitness and benefits

Pilates is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and pelvic floor, which is important for the expectant mother. Good posture, strength and body balance depend on these muscles. They also support the back and pelvis with increasing load, because the growth of the baby increases the tension of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Yoga helps to completely relax the body, to put an end to thoughts and feelings. It’s worth remembering that not all asanas can be performed. The main rule is not to strain the abdominal wall.

Aqua – Aerobics
By practicing aqua aerobics, you will cope with the varicose veins that occur during pregnancy, as well as get the effect of hydro massage, which is very beneficial to your skin. Aqua-aerobics is a prevention of cellulite, the risk of injury is practically absent.

Relaxation and Breathing
Exercises These exercises are also helpful. They are priceless during childbirth. The ability to breathe and relax muscles will allow you to maintain self-control and vital energy. Practice them constantly so that you can do it automatically during takeovers. Relaxation will help at any time when you feel tension and excitement.

Choose that fitness for pregnant women whose exercise programs are more relevant to your temperament, because such exercises should bring pleasure and joy to benefit from them.

For fitness classes, you need free and comfortable clothes. It is best if you do systematic 2-3 times a week. The normal pulse rate for expectant mothers during training should be 120-130 beats per minute. After 5 minutes after measuring the pulse, it should be normalized and become 60-80 beats per minute.

Fitness for pregnant women varies according to the intensity and nature of the load, depending on the trimester. Doctors consider the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to be the most unstable and the most dangerous.

  • Therefore, the initial fitness for pregnant women (1 trimester) involves small loads. Excessive physical activity is contraindicated during the entire pregnancy, but they are most unwanted in the first trimester. In order not to damage the attachment of the fertilized egg to the walls of the uterus, you can not perform press exercises. Train the muscles of the legs, back, arms and chest. Pay attention to breathing exercises.
  • Further fitness for pregnant women (2 trimester) involves more workloads. It is this period that is most safe and conducive to training. The threat of the threat has disappeared, the psychological state has improved due to the awareness of its condition. Exercises in the second trimester are aimed primarily at the pelvic floor, they help to avoid such an unpleasant problem as urinary incontinence. But do not forget about the contraindications! In particular, we exclude exercises that are performed on one leg; on the back so that the uterus does not compress the lower hollow vein and does not provoke a lack of oxygen in the fetus.
  • At the final stage, fetal fitness for pregnant women (3 trimester) is again simplified, since it is difficult to perform even simple physical exercises. Families are approaching, weight is increasing, but this is not a reason to refuse to load. The main attention is paid to the muscles of the hands and feet, should be avoided of the loads on the back, do exercises for relaxation of the back.

Home fitness for pregnant women often includes fitball. Ball exercises are very effective and interesting. In addition, lessons on fitball are comfortable and comfortable for expectant mothers at all weeks of pregnancy.

Do not forget about the effect of relaxation! With the development of pregnancy in the body is formed more and more of the hormone, which leads to relaxation (weakening) of the ligaments and joints. Therefore, special care should be taken when performing stretching exercises, so as not to cause stretching.

Undoubtedly, fitness is very useful for pregnant women. By busy you will be in a good and lofty mood. Exercises help to stay in good shape and control your weight. Fitness training helps to strengthen the main muscles involved in childbirth. Movement and moderate physical activity during pregnancy will bring health to you and your future baby.

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