Insomnia in Children and Adults

Insomnia in Children and AdultsSleep, of course, is one of the factors of health, especially in the hot summer.

What are the most common causes of insomnia in adults?

Often, the reasons why an adult sleeps poorly are constant domestic stress, working at night, anxiety, and unusual circumstances, such as moving. Sometimes even fatty foods or caffeinated beverages prevent us from falling asleep normally.

By the way, a glass of alcohol before going to bed does not act as a sleeping pill at all.

A separate topic is a baby in the family: first of all, a mother with chronic insomnia suffers from this. Expectant mothers often do not sleep well, insomnia in pregnant women is a separate medical problem. And logically, to solve any problem, including sleep, you need to eliminate its cause.

How to help yourself fall asleep at home?

Often the cause of insomnia in adults is emotional arousal, and if you can not sleep for a long time, you should not lie in bed looking at the ceiling.

Reading a book helps to calm down before going to bed, but again – sit down to read in a comfortable chair, and when you feel drowsy, then immediately move to the bed. It is important that the bed and mattress were comfortable, including cribs.

And why does insomnia occur in babies?

The key to a good night’s sleep for a child is a comfortable bed, sleepwear, and a cool room. One of the common mistakes of parents, because of which the child sleeps poorly, is a regime violation. That is, the room is very hot, and the child’s clothes are synthetic or uncomfortable.

Remember that children’s metabolic processes are much faster than adults: if you are warm – the child is hot, if you are hot – the child suffocates. Therefore, it is important to create the right temperature, the nursery should be cool.

In general, the task of parents is to teach a child to sleep in any conditions – and the light, and under the TV, and under the noise of neighbors.

Remember, a newborn sleeps always and everywhere under any conditions. It is we, the adults, who create the unreal model that the baby must sleep in the dark and complete silence. For children, first of all, a cool room and a comfortable bed are important.

When a baby appears in the house, do not walk on tiptoe, talk calmly, not in whispers, and let the TV work – the child will get used to falling asleep in any situation.

But if the child still does not sleep, maybe you need some remedy.

If the child does not sleep after the illness or for some other reason with health, then only a doctor should find out the cause and prescribe treatment if necessary.

But not parents that run to the pharmacy and buy their child chamomile, valerian, etc.

When your child gets drunk with valerian and continues to sleep in suffocation, it will not add health to it.

And remember that it is important for parents to get enough sleep, then they will have the strength for children.

Picture Credit: Pexels