Meditate Your Way to Good Health

Meditate Your Way to Good HealthRelaxation techniques like yoga or meditation practiced in ancient India are becoming increasingly popular globally as people by following these age-old practices are benefiting from their alleged cure-all attributes. Proponents and practitioners of yoga-practicing meditation through a series of bodily postures-have for long touted and proven the benefits of the same. Individuals from across the world and cutting across all age groups are integrating yoga into their workout regimen to lead a stress-free life and improve overall wellbeing.

Medical research and studies undertaken to investigate yoga’s health benefits have established that regular yogic workouts can cure insomnia, improve flexibility and bone health, decrease blood pressure, and increase mental acuity. Once you step on to the mat to practise yoga routinely, you’ll have first-hand experience of how your health improves and make you feel better for every moment of your working day.

  1. Stress Management

Meditating for 20-30 minutes on a daily basis can help relieve stress that has become inevitable in our lives. Attempting specific yoga postures that enable you to touch the knees with your fingertips keeping the legs straight promotes blood flow in the circulatory system. Yoga also offers relief from stress-oriented conditions including strokes, angina pectoris, aneurysms, and hypertension. Combining yoga and meditation judiciously can cure certain anxiety and panic disorders like claustrophobia, agoraphobia and so on.

  1. Improves Posture

A variety of muscle, joint, back, and neck problems can result from having a poor posture. Trying out specific yogic positions can go a long way in having a perfect posture causing you minimal strain when you carry out routine physical activities.

  1. Promotes Flexibility

Meditation coupled with light yoga exercises keeps your limbs nimble and in fact your entire body flexible. You get relief from body aches and joint pains if you practice yoga in a routine manner.

  1. Keeps Spinal Column Active

It is imperative that you keep your spine active as you grow older. Spinal discs-that act as shock absorbers-must be kept functional in order to keep the backbone in working order. Asanas comprising forward bends, twists, and backbends are perfect for keeping the spinal column healthy.

  1. Prevents Skeletal and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Yoga exercises can help arrest the onset of osteoarthritis, arthralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and a host of other skeletal and musculoskeletal disorders.

  1. Boosts blood flow

Yoga aids in boosting the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout your body which in turn promotes cellular activity thereby keeping you fit and trim.

  1. Boosts Up Cardiovascular System

Attending yoga classes where specialised asanas are carried out, like ashtanga can help improve oxygen uptake thus considerably bringing down the risk of cardiac attacks and keeping your cardiovascular system up and running.

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure

Regularly doing the Savasana or the corpse posture will keep your systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels in the normal range.

  1. Calms Your Nerves and Helps You Sleep Soundly

Regular practice of yoga makes it possible for you to breathe slowly which in turn aids in controlled respiration. On the whole, it has a calming effect keeping you calm and cool especially during stressful situations.

  1. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle and Keeps You Happier

‘It matters not how much thou jog, thou must not eat like a hog’ is one axiom that dieticians and nutritionists never get tired of iterating. Towards this end, yoga facilitates the burning of calories by advancing metabolism and keeping you physically active.

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