How Not To Gain Weight Over The Holidays

How Not To Gain Weight Over The HolidaysImage credit: PublicDomainPictures

The festive week is getting closer, the city is decorated, Christmas fairs have already begun their work, and the air is already tasting the coming fairy tale. It also means that soon there will be a nomadic week, when you will go to each other’s houses, meet at a festive table. For sure pick up from vacation you want only gifts from loved ones, but not superfluous pounds. And for you to spend precious magic on this desire on New Year’s Eve, I’ll tell you how you can easily stay in your weight and not break your plans

Get enough sleep

It is proved that when there is a shortage, there is an imbalance of several hormones that respond, including for appetite and satiety, as a result of which the sleepy person overeats. So do not spend the night reading books and sitting at the computer – if you do not need to work in the morning, it does not mean that you can neglect sleep.

Eat before the feast

All day to limit yourself to food before a meal, hoping thus to compensate for the upcoming excesses – a bad idea. Very hungry and, besides, feeling entitled to have everything you want, at the festive table, you will not limit yourself to chicken breast and vegetable salad. Conclusion? 3 hours before the festive meal a little snack, and right before her eat an apple and drink a glass of water.

More vegetables and fruits

Useful in the diet will be light salads from vegetables, nuts and fruits. Such products improve digestion and prevent overeating.

More vegetables and fruits

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Drink mono-drinks

As for alcohol, give preference to mono-drinks, not cocktails. The motto should be “Less alcohol and more drinking water“: because of heavy food and alcohol, the body tends to delay water and slow the metabolism, which can adversely affect well-being. If you really want to take care of your health, forget about fizzy drinks and sweet juices; enough one or two glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve, and its quality is very important. Remember that alcohol causes swelling and is very caloric.

In the restaurant, order first

According to experts from the University of Texas, eating or eating at a restaurant, we get more fat and we gain an additional 250 calories. And this often happens with convinced supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Why instead of grilled fish and light vegetable salad you suddenly asked to serve pork with French fries and a double latte with a piece of cake? Yes, because someone at your table already ordered these dishes, psychologists say from the Center for Weight Loss. In restaurants, we often eat something for the company. If you want to avoid this, make the order first.

Do not neglect sports on holidays

The New Year is not far off, and many are beginning to prepare urgently for the holidays. The traditional phrases already sounded in different variations: “Everything, starting Monday, a new life. I’ll run, eat right. ” We zealously start classes and limit ourselves to nutrition.

But in order to achieve a result that will last for a long time, it is important not to go to extremes and attend training even on holidays. If there is no possibility to come to the club or on a New Year’s weekend, a trip is planned, alternatives can be walks in the fresh air. More movement, a good sleep and a positive attitude – this is a simple recipe how to keep the form on holidays.