Sleep is the food for better memory power, reveals a study

Sleep is the food for better memory power, reveals a studyA good night’s sleep shields the golden memories from forgetfulness tendencies common in human beings. This is revealed as the findings of a research conducted by two institutions. It shows a new direction and path for further study as old ones may not be useful enough. The research conducted jointly by University of Exeter and a Cognition, Brain and Language institute explores a greater depth. It is based on the concept of memories being enhanced and ready for use sooner or later.

Dumay, a researcher points out that sleep boosts the memory enough to recall forgotten materials. The boost after sleep in memory power accessibility indicates that certain memoires are just sharpened overnight. It backs the notion of sleep allowing people to actively rehearse the information marked as significant.

Nicolas Dumay and his group monitored the memories of words revealed to either to a period of awakening or prior to a night’s sleep. The research participants were told to recall such words soon after listening them. It was told to be done after a period of sleeping or wakefulness. Researchers discovered that sleep went on to be more successful compared to wakefulness. This was specially with reference to helping participants in recalling their word memories. According to Dumay, such a memory boost comes out of hippocampus which takes care of processing recent information. It is also replayed to other parts of brain for creating a captured memory.

Hippocampus is a part of brain involved in long term memory storage, including experiences and past moments. The scientists are quite unsure of the way it takes place as hippocampus plays a significant role in declarative memory. It’s a type of memory involving things which may be recalled purposely such as events and facts. Beneficial aspect of sleep upon memory is also well established. It ensures a healthy living but more research can also reveal a thing or two more. Thus, the entire concept of memories being sharpened, accessible and turned more vivid is yet to be explored fully.

Hippocampus isn’t associated with procedural and short term memory types. It is mainly taken care of by cortex and cerebellum. This inner part of temporal lobe gives a great memory boost which can be used in multiple ways, believe experts. There are people with lost function or having some portions of limbic system removed. With hippocampus intact, they are unable to record new memories or other functions.

There is a need for extra research in order to make sense of functional importance of this research. This work done by psychologist Nicholas Dumay is the right step ahead to explore these things. Another research study done almost on similar lines qualified the reverse effect. It said that a lack of good sleep also makes it double harder to recall such things known. Thus, there is no denying of sleep significant towards a healthy living.  The aforementioned research study establishes it proving that sleep is the food for higher memory retention in different ways for human beings.