6 Ways to Protect Your Eyesight

Ways to Protect Your EyesightA few decades ago, human eyes did not experience such a load as today. Computerized production, home gadgets, mobile phones force the eyes again and again to peer into luminous screens and even books, many prefer to read not in their usual binding, but on electronic devices. How to maintain eye health and reduce the risk of early acquaintance with a local ophthalmologist?

Take precautions

The eyes are not the organ for which such a seemingly ordinary injury, like a bruise, scratch or cut, passes without a trace. In ordinary life, they happen infrequently, and all thanks to eyelids protecting the eyeball and frequent blinking, but if you experience fate, do not follow safety rules when working with carpentry and other tools, then the risk of losing your eyesight and even your eyes increases several times. Goggles are designed to protect the organs of vision from small particles, chemicals and other objects that can disrupt their work.
Precautions include avoiding contact of the eyelid mucosa with hands. Typically, this “sin” young children, who thus bring dirt, microbes and viruses into the eyes, provoking the development of various diseases, starting with the flu and ending with conjunctivitis. Doctors advise adults to remember this too and always carry a clean handkerchief with them so that, if necessary, to get a foreign body out of their eyes or simply to relieve an itch that has arisen.

To refuse from bad habits

To preserve eye health is possible if you give up smoking and alcohol. Nicotine and tar first hit the vessels, thinning their membrane, causing atrophy and disrupting the nutrition of the cells and tissues of the eyeball. But that is not all. Acrid smoke destroys the mucous membrane from the outside, provoking irritation, redness, and a burning sensation. Scientists have found that tobacco smoke accelerates degenerative processes and increases the risk of developing cataracts. Once this disease was considered senile, but in recent years it has become much younger, and the love of tobacco is to blame.
As for the abuse of alcohol, its consequences give an alcoholic with his head: he always has red, cloudy eyes, sitting in the sockets framed by swollen eyelids. Ethyl alcohol and its derivatives violate the blood circulation in the eyeballs, affect the optic nerves and muscles, increase intraocular pressure and cause destruction of the capillaries. Therefore, the less often a person will be attached to a glass, the more chances he has to preserve his vision and not to face other serious consequences of alcoholism.

Make a bet on proper and balanced nutrition.

It is no secret that the general state of health and human health in general depends on nutrition. Whatever the existing disease, in most cases the doctor will propose to change old habits and abandon products that do not carry any benefit, and increase the number of healthy and rich in vitamins. This also applies to eye health. Of course, none of the existing products today can assume the function of a medicine and eliminate the existing pathology, but it is within its power to supplement and increase the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.
It is good if a person does not have any diseases of the organs of vision. Then it is useful to him to use certain products for prevention. First of all, these are all orange fruits, in which there is a lot of beta-carotene. Lack of the latter can lead to visual impairment and impaired corneal wetting. In any case, human nutrition should be rich in all existing antioxidants, including vitamins C, E, A, as well as lycopene, flavonoids, anthocyanins. The latter cause a bright saturated color of the fruit – purple, blue, red, which is why it is so often possible to hear advice to prevent blueberry, grapes, apples, etc., for the prevention of deterioration of vision and eye diseases.

Wear sunglasses

Ultraviolet radiation adversely affects not only the skin, but also the eyes, destroying the protein compounds of the lens, modifying the structure of the elements of the eyes and causing a deterioration in visual function. Ophthalmologist Leonid I. Yakushev advises not to leave the house on a sunny day without goggles and it doesn’t matter whether it is summer outside or winter. The fact is that the snow perfectly reflects ultraviolet rays, and in winter the risk of getting a burn of the cornea increases several times, which everyone who goes to the mountains or to the north should remember.
However, not all glasses are equally useful – bought on a spontaneous market for a small price are unlikely to be able to cope with their task. Moreover, scientists have found that poor-quality plastic, which transmits ultraviolet light, threatens the health of the eye even more than its complete absence. Therefore, it is better to buy this accessory in certified outlets that have a license to carry out their activities.

Do warm-up according to the advice of ophthalmologists.

With the development of electronic technologies and the equipping of workplaces in offices with personal computers, the number of patients with ophthalmologists complaining of dryness, burning and pain in their eyes has increased significantly. Of course, a change of work is not the most suitable option in this case, but a person can also do something to preserve the health of his eyes, for example, a warm-up. There are many simple exercises that can be done right at the workplace. For example, squeeze your eyes tight and relax your eyelids, transfer your eyes from the nose to the farthest point in the room and back. Move your eyes in different directions, and you can still subject them to a light touch of the index fingers.

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