Skin Care Tips for the Gym After a Workout

Skin Care Tips for the Gym After a WorkoutDo sports and skin care at the same time? Challenge accepted! Regular sports – not just a tribute to the fashion or a desire to follow the trends. Let’s talk about how to look after the skin of the face and body before, during and after the workouts, so as not to damage the appearance.

Before training – cleaning

To engage in sports without having washed down pre-make-up and “dusting roads” – a bad idea that threatens the appearance of acne and inflammatory processes, skin irritation. The fact is that during physical activity, the work of the heart is activated, blood circulation and metabolism are intensified. At this time, our skin is more energetic than sweat and sebum. Remains of decorative cosmetics, present on the face, clog pores and prevent the removal of sweat and sebum.

Therefore, before you start training, it is worth giving time to skin cleansing. Alcohol wipes and soap, which too aggressively dry the top layer of the epidermis, should be permanently excluded from the arsenal of facial cleansers. An appropriate alternative to them – specialized multifunctional means for washing, which will clear the skin from pollution, accumulated during the day.

Fighting with “orange peel” or want to increase fat burning effect from training – so now is the time to apply anti-cellulite. Due to the fact that during physical activity improves and accelerates microcirculation of blood, active components at this time will work more efficiently.

During training – hygiene

So, the make-up is removed, the skin is moisturized and protected from the sun, the sport form is already on you, the mood is combat. Let’s get started. To workout has benefited not only the body but also the skin, we recommend taking a separate face towel and moisturizing spray.

Firstly, it is extremely important during the training not to touch the face with your hands in order not to infect an infection or bacteria. But at the same time it is necessary to wipe the face of sweat, salt that strongly irritate the skin, and on greasy skin can cause the appearance of “black dots.” For these purposes, a separate towel and a moisturizing spray will come in handy. The latter will provide anti-inflammatory effect, as well as rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. And, of course, do not forget to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

After training – care

No matter how you set yourself up in class, taking a shower after a workout is a must. If you do not have the strength or the ability to do this, at least cleanse your face. Regardless of the intensity of the workout, sweat, skin and dust should be washed away. For these purposes, prefer soft agents that do not hurt the steamed skin.

Do not forget about moisturizing the skin, but remember that sometimes the process of active sweating may last after the workout. In this case, wait a while before applying a moisturizer. A pleasant bonus from physical activity – after taking skin pores are opened, and the skin becomes more susceptible to active substances of care.

One should pay special attention to the issue of skin care after visiting the pool. Swimming brings enormous benefits to the body and spirit, and in some cases, it is an ideal, if not the only possible kind of sport. But contact with chlorinated water threatens you with dryness and premature wrinkles, unless you take appropriate measures.

Make sure that the shower gel you use after the pool contains not only cleansing, but also moisturizing ingredients. After all, the main task of post-traumatic care – not only remove the remnants of chlorinated water from the body, but also restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin. For the same purpose after the shower use moisturizing spray or milk – they will remove the irritation of the skin, remove the redness and peeling, eliminate dryness and a sense of contraction.

Caring for yourself, both in sports and in proper nutrition, the main thing is regularity and consistency. Then you will be able to boast of a healthy body, a healthy spirit and healthy skin!

Picture Credit: KeithJJ