Alcohol and Massage: A Dangerous Combination

Alcohol and Massage: A Dangerous CombinationIf you come to a professional massage therapist in a state of intoxication or a hangover, he will tell you something like this: “Let’s transfer your session to another day.” And it will be right, as the combination of massage and alcohol is not the best. A hangover massage should not be a temptation, even if it is on this day that you have the only free hour to visit the massage room. Why is that? Now everything is explained in detail.

Massage after taking alcohol is not allowed
As they say: “You will live,” but the state of health will only get worse. And there are several reasons for this.

During the massage, lymphatic drainage is done and the fluid is accelerated. By itself, alcohol dehydrates the body, and if you combine 2 effects: massage + alcohol, which dehydrate the body, you feel better after drinking alcohol, you definitely will not. Not in vain, the massage therapists after the session recommend drinking as much pure water as possible. Notice, not alcohol, coffee or tea, namely, water in its purest form.
During the massage, toxins are excreted into the blood. And if the massage comes after drinking alcohol, the detoxified toxins spread rapidly throughout the body (alcohol dilates the blood vessels), and you definitely will not get a positive effect for your health.

If you read somewhere that massage after alcohol is possible, now you know that it is not. The effect of alcohol and massage at the same time on the body will not be useful. If you already drank alcohol, it is better to transfer the massage to another day. Even the next day after drinking alcohol is not recommended to go for a massage. If you still feel unwell, ask to postpone your visit. This way you can get exceptional benefits from the massage, not the opposite effect.

Why not drink alcohol before the massage? Here are the same reactions, which we wrote above. It is important to remember the golden rule: “Do not combine alcohol and massage in any sequence.”

What kind of massage is allowed after taking alcohol?
There are exceptions, yes. And these are just a few massages: a head massage and a neck massage. At the same time, the masseur should work out all the points as gently and gently as possible. If we talk about the neck, it is here that there are many lymph nodes, so this massage should be entrusted solely to the professional of his work. Optimally, if it is a masseur with a medical education. As for the massage of the head, this is a great way to get rid of a headache with a hangover. If you do not want to endure a headache and drink pills – go for a massage. Only, be sure to tell the masseur about the cause of the headache. The specialist will select the appropriate techniques and the power of the massage individually for you.

Another important point. Many active points that are affected by a massage therapist, after taking alcohol lose their sensitivity. As a result – reduced effectiveness of any massage. This moment is important to remember if you want only the benefits for the body and get the maximum efficiency from the massage session.

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