How To Overcome The Emotional Causes Of Back Pain

How To Overcome The Emotional Causes Of Back PainNot without reason 100 years ago doctors put their patients complaining of pain in the back and neck, such a diagnosis as an “irritated spine”. After all, the most significant negative emotions associated with problems in the back are anger,  fear, as well as suspiciousness, anxiety and indecision. It has been proved that in many cases, in order to relieve pain in the spine, it is necessary to correct not only physiological disorders, but also to affect social and psychological factors.

Long experiences with a minus sign are not at all something ephemeral, which is reflected only in the state of mind, but also quite a real physical threat. And the main target of chronic stress is muscle. If in a healthy state they are tense only for physical effort, then for a person who is stifled in negative emotions, they remain over-strained and stiff as much as stress continues. If its effect is long-term, then over time, the muscles lose elasticity and even in a calm state remain stiff, compressed. At the same time, they squeeze the nerves and vessels, which leads to poor circulation and nutrition of tissues. And there is a chronic, so-called stressful back pain.

Being in long-term stress, a person often ceases to control his muscle tension and seems to lose his ability to relax. It becomes noticeable even externally. A neck drawn into the shoulders, a bent back, a shuffling gait – after all, people who are troubled by this very often look. An incorrect motorized stereotype, which makes a person take and maintain non-physiological poses, leads to even greater overload of the muscles. But from this, pain will still be felt. Well, severe pain, in turn, leads to even more over-voltage of the muscles. Closed circle …

When there is not enough joy

Prolonged illness, problems at work and in private life, chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep – any of these causes can lead to stress. And prolonged emotional stress and depression violate the development of the hormone of the pleasure of serotonin, which not only worsens the mood, but also reduces the pain threshold. In this case, even a small pain patient feels as significant. And the stress itself becomes a trigger for the onset of pain.

On this background, psychaggias (psychogenic back pain) can often occur, which are often a sign of latent depression. Such pains can and without treatment completely disappear against the background of positive emotions, but then again strained under the influence of new stresses. To break this vicious circle, patients with chronic pain, whose causes can not be determined, prescribe antidepressants (drugs that affect the production of serotonin). However, self-medication with these drugs is unacceptable. In addition to drugs, hypnosis, various relaxation techniques, trainings, etc. can also be used.

What will help to overcome stress

Breathing gymnastics
To calm down, you need not breathe, but your stomach – so that the chest stays motionless. Exhalation, at which maximum relaxation occurs, should be twice as long as the inhalation. This will help reduce the excitement of the nerve centers. In this regard, yoga classes are very effective.

Physical activity
Sport helps to burn excess adrenaline. And after 30-40 minutes of activity in the body, hormones of joy endorphins begin to emerge. For this, any fitness or even a simple outdoor walk will fit.

Water treatments
Bath with aroma oils, sauna, bath or even ordinary shower will help clean the body from pollution, and the soul – from negative emotions.

Compliance with the regime
Daily 8-hour sleep is required. Yes, and getting worse too is harmful.

Abandoning bad habits
First of all, from excessive consumption of alcohol, as well as from smoking and harmful food (fast food, for example).

A diet rich in magnesium
Useful cocoa, chocolate, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower and flax. Such food can be considered antistress.

Positive emotions
Everything that delivers pleasure will come in: hobbies, communication with children and animals, travel, reading, music, dancing, sex.

Work on yourself
Stress resistance can be developed independently. Meditate Control emotions, try not to get annoyed. Learn to switch your attention from negative aspects, look for the good thing. Smile more and rejoice. Be thankful. Celebrate even small positive moments and focus on them.

Natural soothing remedies
Well helps to relax the decoction of the valerian root or the grass of the honeysuckle, the hawthorn berries, the flowers of the pion, verbena.


Signs of a stressful back pain

  1. Spine pain that occurs in different places.
  2. Muscle pain and the presence of painful points in the muscles.
  3. Insomnia and asthenia (increased fatigue).

Also, the pain may be caused by a serious illness (for example, a tumor of the spine). Therefore, first of all, you need to go through the examination.

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