Best Chest Exercises For Women To Firm And Lift Breasts

Best Chest Exercises For Women To Firm And Lift BreastsEffective exercises that will help the girl to pump chest muscles.

Want to have a beautiful figure? And while you want to do nothing? It does not happen. Get over it. If you are still ready to take care of yourself, then we suggest that you make one of the parts of your body more attractive. Now we will talk about how to pump up the pectoral muscles of the girl.
Only initially would like to clarify: exercise will not make your chest several sizes larger. It is a myth. But to tighten your chest, do not allow it to sag and make it a little “lush”, these exercises can.
It’s really possible to pump up the pectoral muscles of a girl at home in just one and a half or two months.

You will need the following to pacify the pectoral muscles:

  • a special sports bra or top with firm elastic cups of your size;
  • exercise mat;
  • dumbbells;
  • female expander.

Push ups

Assess your capabilities and, depending on the level of training, select the type of push-ups suitable for complexity:

  • from the wall; off the floor on your knees;
  • classic push-ups;
  • from the floor into fists.

Number of push-ups: from 12 to 20 times with interruptions until the full restoration of breathing. Increase the load gradually.


Stand in the center of the ribbon, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and press it with your feet to the floor. With your hands, take the projectile grips and slowly raise your hands up 7-10 times as you exhale.

Rest for 1-2 minutes and in the same position spread your arms to the sides in order to work out each muscle fiber with maximum quality.

After a two-minute respite, lie on your back, passing the tape under the shoulder blades. Spread your arms around the sides of your torso, grab the handles and begin to slowly raise your arms up, and then without a hitch, lower it down. Try to make movements smoothly, without fading at the bottom or at the top point.

Start with 5 repetitions. And then increase the number of repetitions.


Dumbbell bench press on the back. This is a basic exercise that strengthens the pectoral muscles and promotes their growth. Take an emphasis lying on your back, stretch your legs or bend slightly in your knees, press your hands with dumbbells to your chest, as you exhale, begin to slowly raise until the elbows are fully extended (8 presses – 1 minute of rest).

Breeding hands lying on his back

Do the following exercise in the same position. Dissolve slightly bent elbows with dumbbells to the sides, lifting them 3-5 cm above the floor. From this position, begin to raise your hands up (on the exhale), and reaching the top point – also slowly lower (on the inhale), without touching the floor (15-20 divorces, 2 approaches each).

Breeding hands standing

Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bend the body forward, slightly bent at the elbows with dumbbells should hang freely in front of the body. On the exhale, spread your arms to the sides until a right angle forms between the body and the arm, then slowly return to the starting position (3 sets of 10-12 times).

Picture Credit: bruce mars