Could A Diet Based On Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Could A Diet Based On Coffee Help You Lose Weight?Coffee Diet: General Information

With a coffee diet, waking up in the morning will be easier, and you get a great amount of energy for a whole day. Coffee diet is very strict in its use because all day before each meal, you will need to drink a cup of black coffee. If you suffer from insomnia, chronic heart or blood vessels, this method is not recommended you to lose weight, in fact, it can be very dangerous for your body.

Coffee increases the activity of the body, promotes the rapid removal of excess fluid, thus, allows you to lose up to 15 pounds of excess weight. Remember that you can drink the last cup of fresh coffee at 6 pm o’clock and not later than. The coffee diet should be aimed at eliminating extra pounds, and not on the imbalance of your sleep.

Coffee Diet: Menu

Every morning, immediately after awakening, you should drink 150 ml of freshly-condensed coffee and eat 5.291 oz. of dark bitter chocolate. It is necessary to completely abandon the consumption of sugar. After drinking a cup of coffee should not eat for one hour.

You can only have lunch during a coffee diet with boiled or steamed foods. Try to use dietary meat in your diet. You can use chicken or beef. Do not use vegetable oil while cooking meat. Change the white bread to the rye. Also, you should give up potatoes cooked in any way. It is not desirable to eat white rice.

All these products can be replaced by boiled buckwheat, stewed vegetables, fresh salads. For salads use white cabbage, radish, broccoli, sea cucumber or cauliflower, cucumbers. To refuel all salads is recommended lemon juice or olive oil. Eat boiled eggs, you can also cook light vegetable soups and eat low-fat cottage cheese.

Coffee diet: contraindications

A coffee diet is not recommended for women younger than 18 years of age or older than 35. After 3 days of coffee diet it is worth a small break. Before starting a diet, be sure to consult a doctor.

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