Extraordinary value and benefits of Vitamin D

Extraordinary value and benefits of Vitamin DWhile there are numerous scientific studies and professionals whom have presented evidence on a multitude of nutritional and health benefits of various vitamins, one specific Vitamin is of especially significant value: Vitamin D.

Did you know that not only does Vitamin D promote a healthier heart, but that it also have been proven to improve, in only a matter of weeks, your physical stamina, health, and ability to perform more fiercely in the gym and other daily activities? According to a recent study conducted at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland, Vitamin D not only lowers blood pressure and regulates it more adequately, but it also helps lower and balance the stress hormone known as Cortisol. Cortisol as a stress hormone along with the effects on your blood pressure that Vitamin D has, allows your blood vessels to open up, being less constricted, and in turn allowing more oxygen into your body, as well as nutrient absorption. Speaking of which, Vitamin D has also been scientifically proven in multiple studies to demonstrate a valuable asset to your body as it helps your body to better process, absorb, and utilize essential nutrients–such as protein for example.

According to statistics, taking into consideration the continuously rising and unruly level of obesity in Americans, Vitamin D is consumed on a daily basis by less than 60% of Americans.  This is very concerning, especially since per climate and weather changes across the states that there are months or a period of time in which Vitamin D can no longer, or minimally, be acquired through natural sources, such as sunlight, as the seasons change and become colder or cloudy.

Not only has Vitamin C been proven to improve your overall health and energy levels, but it’s also been scientifically proven that it decreases the likelihood of Cancer development (cell retardation), diabetes, weight gain, and even slowing down and helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these common illnesses and the value factor of Vitamin D can be justified by examining and further understanding how Vitamin D provides a better balance to your health. From medical doctors to chiropractic specialists, medical professionals stand strongly behind Vitamin D as it aids in a broad array of nutritional and health benefits.

When we examine the claims and scientific reality that Vitamin D helps contribute to the prevention of common illnesses and diseases, we can attribute this to the chemical balance Vitamin D provides to the body. In fact, in the field of chiropractic’s various specialties, a recent report recommended the usage of Vitamin D to support and aid their patients in rehabilitating and getting into better shape at an accelerated, balanced pace.

Preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer‘s, diabetes, depression, and weight gain is no easy task, nor is it the most scientifically feasible achievement in the world. Vitamin D, for example, directly contributes to bettering your health and wellness by providing more efficient chemical balance in your body, nutrient absorption, and bodily processing features. In essence, this practically contributes to preventing and helping recover from depression as it leaves you feeling better about yourself, increases energy levels, and in turn the activities you might achieve while feeling stronger and more balanced will help pull you out of that physical or psychological ‘rut’!

Image credit: Dollatum Hanrud