How to Cure Summer Insomnia Without Medication

How to Cure Summer Insomnia Without MedicationThis condition is familiar to you: in the summer heat for some reason you do not feel like sleeping at all! Do not rush to swallow pills – overcome insomnia in other ways!

Ways of alternative struggle with summer insomnia mass – ranging from folk remedies to psychological techniques. Take advantage of them – and you will forget about the problem of lack of sleep!


It is very important in the evening not to eat food that excites the nervous system: chocolate, cocoa, coffee, alcohol, spicy and too much food. Do not season the food with pepper, curry. Do not use semi-finished products and do not consume fast food: problems with the stomach probably will not let you fall asleep!

What can you eat for dinner? Fresh cheeses, warm milk, bread and pasta are each in its own way. soothe the nervous system. Instead of the usual tea, prepare a decoction of mint or lemon balm, you can take valerian.


If your apartment is too hot – insomnia can not be avoided! Open the windows wide, make a light draft – just make sure that your bed is not blown too hard, otherwise you will not avoid colds! Even better – turn on the fan at night. Before going to bed, you can do a wet cleaning, so you slightly moisten the hot air. The bedding on the bed was made of light breathable fabrics that absorb moisture well – no synthetics!

No stress!

Often in the summer, the so-called summer depression prevents us from falling asleep. In the evening before bedtime, when the heat subsides, it is advisable to take a walk – this will help you fall asleep. Already in bed do not think about endless affairs and troubles – on the contrary, remember the pleasant moments of the past day. Sex will also help to relax: during orgasm, hormones are released that act soothingly on the nervous system.

Total relaxation

Or focus on your breathing: it should be calm and deep. If your thoughts go away in the direction of problems, count to ten, then tell yourself: “I relax,” and again focus on breathing.

Another trick: dream! Or about the upcoming vacation, or a new skirt, or a new meeting with your beloved. Imagine the seashore, the waves rolling on the shore, the smooth sound of the surf … Well, you already fall asleep!

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