Detoxify Your Body With Honey Massage Therapy

Detoxify Your Body With Honey Massage TherapyWhat is the difference between this particular type and the general body massage? It offers a double benefit, because it combines the healing power of honey and massage effects in one procedure. Both massage and honey are used for the benefit of health and beauty for centuries, their effectiveness is beyond doubt (of course, on condition of competent professional use).

A special massage technique allows the honey to be absorbed by the skin quickly and efficiently and literally immediately incorporated into the metabolic processes and thereby affect the entire body.

The composition of honey is unique, it contains 30-37 different useful elements. At the same time, our body perfectly accepts honey, since it has already been processed with the help of bees enzymes and is ready for unhindered digestion. Moreover, vitamins and trace elements in the composition of honey have a more active effect on the body than their synthetic counterparts.

What honey is used in the massage process?

A beneficial effect on the body is achieved only if the master uses natural high-quality honey. To make it convenient to work with him, and so that he can maximize his healing abilities, honey is heated to body temperature or slightly higher.

Ideal procedure for residents of megalopolises

Honey massage is able to solve a whole range of problems characteristic of the inhabitants of modern cities. This procedure allows you to improve your health, increase the protective functions of the whole body, which is very important especially in the autumn-winter period, when the incidence of viral diseases rises. It is honey massage that is used for various diseases of the respiratory system, allowing you to significantly speed up recovery and reduce the need for the use of drug treatment.

The procedure is valued for its ability to relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and normalize the psycho-emotional background. This is a great opportunity to cope with overwork and fatigue, without waiting for their consequences to manifest themselves as a breakdown, nervous breakdowns, and depression. Massage with honey allows you to get rid of insomnia, restore the body’s energy resources, find harmony and balance.

Agree, residents of megacities sometimes just need to get a good rest from the crazy rhythm of city life, get rid of stress and find sources for recovery. Honey massage provides this opportunity without the need for a long vacation.

What happens to our body during honey massage

Under the action of honey massage, an intensive cleansing of the skin occurs – a layer of dead cells and impurities is eliminated. However, purification occurs at a deeper level. Honey penetrates deep into the tissue and acts as a sorbent, absorbs the accumulated toxins. Then, thanks to a special massage technique, honey associated with toxins is removed from the tissues to the surface, and at the end of the procedure this substance is washed off the body. A similar effect is not possible with the help of other methods. Honey has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, it promotes the healing of wounds, microcracks, etc.

After deep cleansing, the permeability of the skin is improved, it is actively nourished with useful substances from honey. Skin turgor is noticeably improved, it becomes supple, soft and incredibly pleasant to the touch.

Honey massage is often used to combat cellulite. Thanks to its ability to cleanse the body, activate blood circulation, remove excess fluid and toxins, nourish the skin with nutrients, this type of massage shows results in the struggle for tightened skin and elastic body along with vacuum-roller massage.

Picture Credit: stevepb