Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and SoulYoga is a system of Indian philosophy. Some advanced exercises are found in Buddhism and Tantra. It serves not only for spiritual development but also helps to know the true nature of man. Her regular practice allows you to get a balance between the spirit and the body.

In our text you will find more information about yoga for beginners, face yoga, pregnant yoga and popular exercises.

– Yoga for beginners

People who start yoga usually start with a classic character. It is divided into two types – eight-degree and restrained. The first of these focuses largely on breathing exercises and meditation. The second task is to “control” the five states of mind activity – proper cognition, erroneous cognition, fantasizing, deep sleep and reminder.

Exercises are also divided. A distinction is made between those that require the use of consciousness and those that are done without it. Exercises with the use of consciousness – consist of four degrees of oblivion – the dominance of meditation, meditation slowly disappearing and giving way to meditation, meditation leaving the practitioner, and his body embraces bliss and pure awareness of himself. And exercises without the use of consciousness bring liberation. When doing these exercises, you have to be very careful. Freed during the so-called miraculous powers and excessive fascination may cause a deviation from the path of liberation and return to the world where matter is the most important.

-What type of yoga to choose?

The philosophy on which yoga is based assumes that the body and soul form a whole. The health of one depends on the state of the other. Therefore, in order to maintain physical and mental health, one should take care of the spirit and its bodily character.

The most popular types of yoga:

  • Bhakti yoga – is about developing a loving relationship with God.
  • Astanga yoga – is characterized by dynamic (permanent) sequences of positions, grouped in a specific order and forming one system – such systems are usually 6 and are ranked from the simplest to the most difficult.
  • Laya yoga – an old art of meditation and spiritual development serving the spiritual awakening of humanity.
  • Hatha yoga – a well-known and ancient tradition of Indian yoga, includes all varieties that are focused on exercise and breathing. Its characteristic features are three elements: asana (body positions), kriya (six purification processes) and pranayama (breath control).
  • Kundalini yoga – the most mystical variety of yoga, which combines all the techniques of affecting the mind and body – physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, mudras (hand movements)
  • Kriya yoga – this is a method of energetic purification, and more specifically a breathing technique. Before starting kriya yoga, it is recommended to do physical exercises, and more specifically, the yoga position. Its purpose is energy purification and refining, so that energy can flow freely through meridians
  • Karma yoga – based on selfless actions or service performed directly for God.

– Face yoga

This surprising training makes a sensation overseas, but is also gaining popularity in the USA. Face yoga is a new exercise technique designed to provide a youthful look. Nowadays it is more and more often called a natural face lift. Rejuvenates and relaxes.

Face and neck have a total of about 70 muscles that determine the appearance. Face yoga strengthens the blood circulation of the face and neck muscles, oxygenates them, makes them elastic and strengthens. It is a great way to preserve the young look, but also to get rid of already existing wrinkles.

Facial yoga involves the exercise of muscles, using asanas, or appropriate positions, and withstanding a few seconds in them. In practice, you learn proper breathing and relaxation techniques. And with the passage of time, the face begins to look fresh, radiant, younger. Exercises help to shallow crow’s feet, get rid of the second chin and smooth the lion’s wrinkle.

– Pregnant yoga

Pregnant yoga improves the mood and reduces the level of stress. This is because the exercises lower blood pressure, affect the quality of sleep, digestive system and remove – by the breath – pollution from the body. Exercising yoga improves the condition of the liver, kidneys, heart, adds energy and improves well-being.

Recently yoga classes for future mothers have become more and more popular. Yoga can be practiced during pregnancy, because it allows you to perfectly take care of your condition and well-being. In addition, it reduces morning sickness, makes the body elastic and helps in the fight against pain. This is because yoga has a positive effect on the reproductive system of future mothers. The right way to breathe, the pregnant ones learn during the classes, allows you to give birth to your baby faster and acts as an anesthetic.

The beneficial effects of a woman’s yoga also feel after delivery, because the effects of the exercises last for many weeks, and this allows you to get back into shape much faster.

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