The Role Of Massage In Sports And Rehabilitation

The Role Of Massage In Sports And RehabilitationFor people who play sports, massage plays a very important role, because it allows you to improve the physical abilities of the body. Professional athletes know that massage is not inferior in its significance for the result of the training itself. However, it will be useful not only for professionals, but also for all active people who get exercise and want to be in good shape.

What is a sports massage?

It is based on the classic massage technique, but its hallmark is intense exposure. It is applied at all stages of the training process. It can be of two types: general and private (common – the whole body, private – specific zones, which account for the maximum load during training or which were injured).

The procedure allows you to prepare the body for maximum physical performance in a short period with the least expenditure of energy of an athlete), preliminary (optimally prepares the body for training or competitions) and regenerative (performed after exercise and allows you to quickly restore the functions and performance of the body).

What results can restorative massage achieve?

  • Restores motor performance
  • Feeling tired
  • The body is optimally prepared for the upcoming physical exertion.
  • Features of massage during rehabilitation after sports injuries
  • It is actively used for rehabilitation after injuries.

He also allows you to restore performance and fitness after such common injuries as bruises, sprains, sprains, damage to tendons and muscles.

In case of injuries, the preparatory stage of the procedure is carried out, and then the main one. During the preparatory phase, the sports masseur handles undamaged parts of the body. This period may consist of several sessions. Its main goal is to reduce puffiness and normalize functions in the injured area.

The main massage is carried out directly on the injured site. It is possible to start it only after the pain, heat and swelling have passed. At this stage, various drugs can be used to help speed up the recovery process.

Sports massage supports

  • muscle contraction
  • reduced sensitivity of peripheral nerves, which can significantly reduce pain
  • injured area
  • prevention or elimination of muscular atrophy
  • improvement of blood circulation and stimulation of metabolic processes
    accelerate the resorption of edema, effusions, infiltrates and hemorrhages
  • muscle strengthening and tissue nutrition
  • bone regeneration

Features performance sports massage

When choosing a procedure, specialists must take into account the sport, the duration of the load and its intensity, as well as the individual characteristics of the body.

With this procedure, a specialist can solve many specific tasks of an athlete: prepare for a competition, restore muscles after high physical exertion, rehabilitate after an injury, etc.

The massage itself is performed intensively for all working muscles. Particular emphasis is placed on all areas of the body, which account for the maximum load. Depending on the sport, this may be a sports massage of the legs, arms, back, chest, etc.

The main techniques that are used in the procedure is rubbing, stroking movements, squeezing, kneading fingers and others. The specialist selects the necessary techniques depending on which muscles are processed, whether the injury is present, what is its character, etc. Sports general massage alternates with private (back, legs, hands – local areas with increased loads).

It is worth noting that the procedure does not cause any painful sensations, this is especially important for people who have subjected their bodies to considerable physical exertion or have taken a long break between workouts. In the first sessions, the specialist takes special care to ensure the complete safety of each patient.

It is recommended to carry out this type of massage at least 1.5 hours after exercise. The duration of one session, as a rule, ranges from 40 minutes to an hour.

General sports massage is often combined with lymphatic drainage, physiotherapeutic procedures, and hardening.

Sports massage of the back or legs is not done in the period of acute inflammation or injury. This procedure is prescribed as restorative, but for any inflammation of muscle tissue, you must first consult with your doctor.

Picture Credit: Jesper Aggergaard