How to Choose a Diet That Suits You

How to Choose a Diet That Suits You

Of course, any diet should begin with a decision to take power over your weight and turn your figure into a perfect one. Then it remains only to move confidently towards its goal, overcoming some difficulties. But after you really understand that it’s time to make the body perfect, you need to take a few more important steps.

Choosing the type of diet

Choosing a diet, you never need to rush, because the first rash step can further cause frustration, stress and even health problems. Many people believe that diet is a diet that helps lose weight. But the concept of “diet” is much broader: with the help of diets, you can solve a wider range of tasks: some diets help to lose weight, some gain it, and some are used as prevention or treatment of certain diseases.

Diet, with which you can lose weight, there is a lot, but to choose a power scheme for yourself you need to very carefully and without haste. The concept of “dieting with a friend for a company” can only aggravate the situation. In addition, you need to know that in some cases, the diet is contraindicated in humans. This applies to health problems, because any change in nutrition is a strong load on the body.

To choose the right diet, you need to determine in advance how many pounds you want to lose and be sure to set the date by which your figure should return to normal. So you can calculate how much you have to reset for a certain period of time. Doctors do not recommend losing weight more than 1-2 pounds per week.

Terms of diet and weight support

Also, without fail, you need to think about how, after a diet, you are going to maintain your weight so that the dropped pounds do not return.

If you want to get rid of 2.2-6.6 pounds, then focus on a 1-2 week diet. To lose 4-8 pounds, you need at best a month. Diets that promise weight loss of 5-10 pounds per week can become the strongest stress for the body and will not pass without a trace for health, and the weight after them will return “to the place” very quickly. If you have more than 10 extra pounds, you will have to stick to a diet with some pauses to make the body feel comfortable.

The doctor’s consultation

It is also advisable to consult a doctor before going on a diet. For any acute or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or organs of the digestive system, you should not use any diet.

Terms of diet and weight support

Taste of diet

It is very important to choose the diet, the menu which attracts you to taste. On such a diet will sit, of course, much easier. A plus can be the fact that the products you plan to use grow in your geographic area.

Diet terms

For more than three days, nutritionists do not recommend sitting on too low-calorie diets: less than 1500 kcal per day for men and up to 1000 kcal for women.

In order not to break and not throw everything, be sure to vary the diet, then the diet will be easier to withstand.

Correct lifestyle

And if you really intend to lose weight permanently, and not for several months or even weeks, then be prepared to change not only food, but the whole way of life: add more physical activity, try not to create a “food cult” in your family, take proper care of your appearance and do your favorite things.

Expert opinion
In order for a diet to benefit the body, not harm, you need to follow some basic nutritional considerations. We analyze each in more detail.
First, we exclude from the diet all fast food, including sweet (all kinds of pastries, chocolate, sweets, ready-made semi-finished products, sweet sparkling water, packaged juices, of course, can’t talk about snacks in fast food restaurants – like McDonald’s.
The second step, we are establishing a drinking regime. Everything is trite here, but it is necessary to comply with it, namely, to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day.
Further, an important point is the maximum balance of the diet. You can not eat any one product, it is important that in the diet are gradually present all the groups of products.
And one more basic question that I would like to draw your attention to is the diet. Identify for yourself the main meals.
And if you have no contraindications and corresponding diseases, then these are three steps, not five and not six. And between receptions teach yourself not to bite. The body needs rest from digesting food, and in gratitude it will throw off those extra pounds.

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