How To Revive Tired Skin

How To Revive Tired SkinWhen you get tired, your skin gets tired with you. And at that moment she needs rest and special care. How to take care of tired skin?

What is characteristic of skin fatigue

The fact that our skin needs rest is noticeable in many ways. The turgor (density) of the skin decreases, that is, it becomes too soft to the touch. Thus the skin as if acquires a gray shade. Dark circles appear under the eyes. In addition, there is ptosis of the skin (swelling of the skin downward under the influence of gravity). In the end, the tired skin lacks collagen, which makes it unnecessarily dry and thin. Tired skin gives the person age. In this case, there may be age skin without signs of fatigue, and there is a young tired skin. On the aged, well-groomed skin, wrinkles can be observed, the turgor can be lowered, unlike the young skin. But at the same time the skin glows, it is juicy, and even wrinkles on it are well-groomed and beautiful. If you take a person who does not care for the skin and age, then he will have age skin, and tired. At the same time, a 25-year-old girl who has experienced stress or a nocturnal lifestyle can easily show signs of skin fatigue.

Factors affecting skin fatigue:

  • stress;
  • stay in the sun;
  • lack of sleep;
  • overloading with cosmetics;
  • lack of care;
  • use of liquid and salty at night;
  • predisposition to drying out;
  • Smoking, alcohol, frequent flights on airplanes, night life;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Home care

At what age do you need to start caring for your skin?
the skin needs more nourishment and care. Therefore, nutrient masks are necessary. Even if you have a deadline, you do not get enough sleep, still find time for home procedures, because otherwise signs of skin fatigue will accumulate. If you have tired skin, masks can be done every day. It is useful to wash with ice – so you will enhance the tone of the skin. You can combine washing with warm and cold water. It will give a charge of vivacity to the skin, increase the flow of blood through the blood vessel.

Care in the salon

The very first procedure, which can be recommended for tired skin, is a massage course. Massage increases the flow of blood to the skin, stimulates the production of collagen, increases metabolism, the skin is tightened, renewed, it begins to glow from the inside. You can also apply other procedures that your cosmetician recommends. These can be hardware procedures that stimulate the production of collagen. One of the most effective hardware procedures is thermolifting.

Oxygenless bezinetic biorevitalization (introduction of hyaluronic acid serums into the deep layers of the skin – dermis) is also useful, it will give the skin a fresh look, nourish and refresh it without injuring the epidermis (without punctures).

There is a need for products that improve the quality of the skin, for example, protein food is useful. But changes in nutrition will not restore your skin without changing your lifestyle and recovery procedures. It is also important to drink plenty of water, especially in small sips.

Do not forget that your skin is very important to a healthy dream. If your skin is tired, you need to find time to sleep. At least two days off. Try to go to bed early. It will also give freshness to your skin and the whole body.

Image credit: t-studiophotography