Teas Can Keep You Healthy and Youth

Teas Can Keep You Healthy and YouthHerbal and green tea are the best drinks to help the body’s cells renew and age more slowly. And herbal tea can prevent serious diseases.

Tea is not only a favorite drink of millions of people around the world, but it also has many potential health benefits. Doctors note that the most useful for the human body is green tea. But no less beneficial effect on our body has herbal teas.

What kind of tea advise you to drink?

Doctors emphasized that green and herbal teas not only protect against cancer, obesity, diabetes and help the intestines to work well. But they also trigger autophagy – a natural process of regeneration that occurs at the cellular level. Autophagy reduces the likelihood of developing certain diseases and prolongs our lives.

Thus, regular consumption of herbal and green tea promotes weight loss, recovery, and increased life expectancy.

Doctors note it is herbal and green tea because they contain a large number of polyphenolic antioxidants and other useful ingredients. They in turn provide protection and treatment against various diseases and maintain the overall state of human health.

And green tea helps to compensate for intestinal dysbiosis caused by obesity or diets high in fat.

What herbal teas are the most useful?

Doctors emphasize that the greatest benefit can be obtained from a combination of green tea with the addition of herbs or roots. For example, ginger root, safflower leaves (wild saffron), and jasmine flowers.

Also well resist oxidative stress, help prevent obesity and reduce the risk of oncology tea from hibiscus, lemongrass, and snake jasmine. The researchers note that drinking roselle tea twice a day for one month helped regulate blood pressure in people with type II diabetes.

However, for tea to be beneficial rather than harmful, you should not be too fond of this drink.

Excessive tea consumption interferes with iron absorption and can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

You also do not need to drink too hot tea. And if you have problems with digestion, especially inflammatory processes in the stomach, discuss with your doctor which herbal tea is right for you.

Drinking two to three medium cups of tea a day is enough to maintain good health.

Picture Credit: Pexels