The Best Food Proportions For Weight Loss

Secrets of Healthy Eating and Portion ControlYou should remember that your proportions of breakfast and dinner should not be the same, because the former gives you energy for the whole day, and the latter will not be used.

It’s not a matter of obsessing about the proportions of different types of food on your plate, but simply controlling the nutrients you consume and their amounts can help you take care of your figure and determine the right proportions of meals.

What’s more, this simple and even interesting strategy called the “plate method” can help you improve your health and well-being.

You also know that when it comes to different diets and weight loss strategies, there are a thousand options and recommendations, although not all of them are healthy and effective.

Pay attention to the proportions of the dishes and you will see excellent results

This method is not new. In fact, it’s a simple technique that nutritionists have been recommending for quite some time.

It is not surprising that this method is followed by athletes and other people who want to lose weight without giving up everything, with the help of a varied, balanced, and healthy diet.

The main advantages of the correct distribution of food portions:

  • The first and second courses are served on the same plate.
  • When you have one large plate on which all the food is distributed, the visualization of pleasure is more effective.
  • This allows you to include all the essential nutrients from the food pyramid.
  • You should also understand that each moment of the day requires different and appropriate proportions.
  • Your breakfast doesn’t have to be the same as your lunch, and your lunch doesn’t have to be the same as your dinner.

Proportions of dishes for breakfast

40% fruits. Breakfast is the time of day when your body perceives this food best. For lunch, on the other hand, fruits are less appropriate because they are not digested so well.

It is best to create a combination of several of them (for example, an apple with grapes).

Here is a list of some of the best fruit and berry options to start your day:

  • citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, tangerine, lemon juice)
  • kiwi
  • strawberries
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • watermelon
  • peach
  • pear
  • cherry

40% carbohydrates. The fiber in carbohydrates also gives a feeling of satiety, which also contributes to weight loss.

Carbohydrates that are suitable for breakfast:

  • whole grains
  • grain crops

On the other hand, do not forget about the amount of protein. Eggs, for example, are a good choice.

Proportions of dishes for lunch

The key requirement for the most important meal is to maintain a balance between vegetables (40%) and carbohydrates (40%):

  • You can combine rice with roasted or steamed vegetables and add, for example, chicken breast.
  • Foods like pasta, chickpeas, or quinoa are great choices for this time of day.
  • Add some fruit to lunch. It would be great to combine fruits with salads (spinach with strawberries, lettuce with pomegranate, cabbage with pineapple).
  • If you eat fruit for dessert, it can affect the digestion process, so it is better to add it to the main course.

Proportions of dishes for dinner

It is worth remembering that it is good to eat about five times a day. Feel free to eat something light and nutritious between main meals. Fruit and plain yogurt with nuts and raisins can be great snacks.

The goal of the dinner is to combine vegetables with protein. Here are some examples of protein sources you can add to your dinner with your vegetables to improve digestion at night.


  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • asparagus
  • celery
  • broccoli
  • pumpkin soup
  • baked tomatoes or peppers (raw ones can be a bit difficult to digest)


  • salmon
  • cod
  • tuna
  • sardines
  • tofu
  • grilled chicken or turkey

As for carbohydrates, they can be eaten a little, and in very small proportions. A piece of whole grain bread or some nuts are great options as they are quite healthy.

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