Why do your knees hurt when you sit for a long time?

Why do your knees hurt when you sit for a long time?Image credit: whitesession

Often people complain of pain in the knees with a long sitting: after a long driving car, being in transport on a passenger seat, visiting a movie theater or with a sedentary work, discomfort appears, which eventually develops into painful sensations.

Causes of pain in the knee when you sit for a long time

Among the factors of its occurrence, there are traumas and chronic diseases, as well as vascular pain.

The knee is the joint that is most heavily loaded in the human body, so it is not surprising that of all the components of the musculoskeletal system, it is he who is most traumatized. Mechanical damage first causes a strong sharp pain, which eventually makes itself felt during movements, less pronounced aching sensations after a long stay in one position. Among them, injuries of tendons, ligaments, menisci – stretching, tears and tears, bone fractures or fractures, as well as dislocation of the joint.

Trauma makes itself felt immediately, and in the case of chronic diseases, the pain syndrome appears only in the last stages. Sometimes, before it occurs, the patient may not even suspect that there are any deviations. However, such diseases, in which pain occurs at rest, is much less than those for which it appears during movement.

One of the diseases in which there is pain in the knee, when you sit for a long time, is the patella chondropathy. In the cartilage, cracks are formed, reaches the point that it completely rubs and expands the bone. Such pathology is inherent in adolescents because of active growth, to people of advanced growth due to musculoskeletal apparatus and athletes, whose activity is associated with a heavy load on these articular cartilages: skiers, football players, athletes and others.

Arthrosis is a change in the cartilaginous tissue of the hip, ankle, distal interphalangeal and other joints, as a result of which they ache. The knee pains to unbend after sitting, especially on the haunches. This disease is inherent in older people, it can cause hereditary predisposition, broken metabolism, excessive workload or excess weight.

Pain in the knee with blood flow disturbance does not rest in motion, nor even when sitting. Sometimes teenagers complain about it, this is explained by the fact that during growth the blood vessels lag behind in development from the bones. Often after a puberty period, discomfort disappears and manifests itself to old age, but sometimes it persists for a lifetime. Aching pain occurs when the weather changes, after physical exertion, from hypothermia or during a cold.

Treatment of pain in the knee with a long sitting

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Treatment of pain in the knee with a long sitting

The first remedy for knee disorders is exercise therapy, and a special bandage is required during classes and in everyday life. Moderate strength exercises are designed to strengthen the thigh muscles, which in the future will help unload the knee. Physiotherapeutic procedures, chondroprotectors, electrostimulation and warm baths with sea salt and essential oils are also prescribed.

With arthrosis, therapeutic massage, dosed physical exercises, acupuncture are prescribed, thanks to which blood circulation is activated, which promotes cell regeneration.

Vascular pain is effectively eliminated by massage using warming ointments and gels.

Do not rely on pain medications, it is important to identify the cause of the pain and choose the right treatment. After all, it may be hiding a long chain of factors or a chronic disease that requires increased attention.

It is necessary to consult a qualified specialist, since self-medication can aggravate the situation. After carrying out the necessary examinations and diagnosing the disorder, the doctor will prescribe a therapy. Treatment is different in case of trauma, impairment of the musculoskeletal system or vascular disease.