Natural Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Natural Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pain and inflammation of the joints will be alleviated by warming ointments, mustard packs and laurel leaf tea.

Prepare the ointment yourself
Two tablespoons of ginger powder mixed with 2 drops of clove oil and half a glass of coconut oil. Put the ingredients into a jar and store in a dark and cool place. Shake the jar before use, because ginger falls to the bottom. Secure the bandaged place with a bandage. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that the ointment does not get into your eyes.


With cayenne pepper

Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Lubricate painful areas 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days. Use herbal massage.

With sage or camomile

Pour 2-3 glasses of cold water into a bowl. You can make chamomile or sage in the evening. Spoon the selected herb pour a glass of boiling water and leave overnight under the cover. In the morning, strain, pour into a bowl, fill with cold water. A small towel or terry gauntlet, thoroughly soak in water, squeeze well and start rubbing the body. First the right leg, then the right side and the right hand, arms and shoulders. Then in the same way – left leg, left side, left arm and shoulders. Tumble the belly with round, slow movements, clockwise. Also massage your buttocks. Then wipe dry with a warm towel. Rubbing the body together with a massage should not take you more than 5 minutes. Drink anti-inflammatory tea.

With bay leaves

5-6 larger bay leaves pour 1.5 cups of boiling water. Transfer to thermos, turn and leave for 5 hours. Then strain and pour into a bottle – screwed or with a stopper. Drink a small sip of the drink every 20 minutes for 12 hours. You must drink all. Do it for 2 days. Then take a week off and repeat the treatment.


Warm wraps. They can extinguish existing inflammation. Therefore, never use them in acute pain. Warm compresses are a treatment for long-lasting ailments, such as degeneration.

Cold wraps. They will help you fight joint pain in the early stages of the discomfort and when the joint is not too damaged (when you overload it).

Mustard wrap
When your knees hurt

A handful of white mustard seeds pour over half a glass of boiling water. Wait for half an hour and wipe it with a paste. Put the mass on the gauze and put it in the painful place for a quarter of an hour. If the pain of your joints is always bothering you, apply the wraps every day – until the symptoms are relieved.


When applying the paste directly on the skin, do not use black mustard seeds. It dilates the blood vessels, causing local redness and a feeling of intense burning. This effect is so strong that after a short time skin damage can occur with symptoms of inflammation and even tissue necrosis.

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