The Importance of Regular Eye Tests

The Importance of Regular Eye TestsRegular eye examination for people who want to maintain eye health for many years is a common event. Moreover, such services today are available for everyone.

What is an eye test?

The ability of the eye to see separately two points located at a distance from each other is commonly called visual acuity. This is the main function of the visual apparatus. The ophthalmologist is checking eyesight in a specially equipped office. For this, various tables and devices are used.

With the help of a special device, a specialist determines the state of the fundus, and vigilance is assessed according to the tables.

What does prophylactic vision test include?

Even in the absence of complaints of vision, doctors advise to undergo a preventive examination by an ophthalmologist.

Prophylactic examinations help to detect visual impairment in a timely manner. Such activities will help maintain good vision, and prevent the occurrence of serious pathologies.

Eye examination for children and the elderly

Absolutely all citizens need systematic eye examination. But children require special attention. Therefore, in our country, children are examined by an ophthalmologist immediately after birth, then at half a year, at the age of three years, and in front of the school. But such a schedule is relevant in the case when the child has no visual impairment. Otherwise, the optometrist individually determines the dates of examinations.

Older people who do not complain, can visit the office of the ophthalmologist once a year.

How many times to check sight

Many people believe that if the vision is not disturbed, then it is not necessary to go to check it. This is an erroneous opinion, because most of the serious diseases in the initial stages are without obvious symptoms. In addition, a visit to the ophthalmologist is not a time-consuming event.

People after 60 years of age, as well as pregnant women should see a doctor twice a year.

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