5 Unobvious Symptoms of Coronavirus

5 Unobvious Symptoms of Coronavirus

Unobvious signs of infection include persistent fatigue.

During a coronavirus pandemic, it’s worth worrying not only because of dry cough, fever, and pain throughout the body. There are five other concomitant signs suggesting that a new type of coronavirus has become infected. This list appeared on the basis of medical examinations and complaints of recovered patients.

1. The dullness of smell

If the sense of smell is weak and the taste buds are dull, coupled with other symptoms, there is a chance of infection. Although this is mild symptomatology, it is an occasion to think about self-isolation.

True, the loss of smell and taste is also characteristic of a mild form of coronary heart disease, so it is still necessary to consult a doctor.

2. Enduring fatigue

The second symptom is a feeling of complete exhaustion, which is also characteristic of ordinary flu or the common cold. Mental fatigue, although not on the official list of signs of COVID-19 infection, some patients complained of this condition.

3. Loss of appetite

Also an indirect sign of coronavirus infection. A person absolutely does not want to eat, even if he lay for several days in bed with a very high fever, mild cough and back pain. The appetite is completely absent.

4. Abdominal pain

Coronavirus infected people may experience sudden pain in the abdomen. According to studies by American gastroenterologists, there is a connection between COVID-19 and the digestive system: nearly 49 percent of patients in Hubei province complained of pain and indigestion.

5. Sore eyes

In about the same way as with an allergic reaction, the patients blush and their eyes begin to itch. But if there are no other reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon, sore eyes may indicate a coronavirus infection.

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