How to Sit With Laptop And Protect Your Back

Think about your health and revise your habits, even if nothing bothers you so far.

No back exercises can help you to avoid pain if you cannot sit properly. 

Your position at the desktop has great importance to posture and overall health. Sitting for 6-8 hours five days a week, you form a habit of holding the body in a certain way. This habit determines your posture not only at the desktop but also in any other place: behind the wheel, in training, while walking, even in your sleep. And if your usual position is not physiological, sooner or later it will cause problems with the spine.

The situation is getting worse if you are working on your laptop.

Laptops expand the possibilities of work. A screen connected to the keyboard and relatively lightweight is what you need for freedom of movement both in the office and elsewhere. But from constant communication with the laptop, the back, neck, and shoulders can hurt. The same unity of the screen and keyboard turns it into an inconvenient thing from the point of view of the spine: it is difficult to find a position in which the posture will be correct.

Here’s what you need to do to lighten your back while working on a laptop:

Use a separate keyboard and mouse in the main workplace. The laptop itself is installed on a stand so that the screen is at eye level.

Do not put the laptop on your lap. Place it on a table or bedside table the main thing is that there is a palm rest.

Take breaks. At least twice an hour distract from work and move for five minutes so the load on the joints and muscles will be less.

Learn how to sit at your desk. Make sure that the table and chair match your height, and you can easily reach the things you need to work.

Take your hand away from your face, straighten and adjust your posture right now. Find a laptop stand and an optional keyboard, even if nothing hurts.

The pains in the back, neck, and shoulders increase gradually and are treated with difficulty. 

So do not put off the habit of sitting properly for later.

Correct posture while sitting, and you will not have to spend money on the services of an osteopath and chiropractor.

Picture Credit: Unsplash