10 Exciting Reasons To Smile More Every Day

10 Exciting Reasons To Smile More Every DayIf you want to live a happier and more healthy life, you need to smile more often. Even when we smile, not feeling particularly happy, we launch the development of chemicals in the body, which help to adjust to a more positive way.

10 reasons to smile more often:
1. A smile makes us more open and friendly. Studies show that a true smile encourages others to think that you have unselfish intentions, so it can become a magnet for engaging friends.

2. Smiling, we look younger and more attractive. The surrounding tends to underestimate the age of a smiling person. One study was attended by 170 people of different age groups. They were asked to portray such emotions as happiness, anger, aversion, fear, sadness and indifference. 1026 people (also of different ages) were supposed to guess their age. It turned out that people who showed emotions of happiness seemed younger.

3. Smile is contagious. A smile can make another person smile. People often take what they see: they will respond the smile to the same.

4. Smile helps to live longer. Smiling, we relax, the cardiac rhythm slows down, and the blood pressure decreases, which reduces the likelihood of heart disease. Studies at the University of Weyne (USA) have shown that the more people smile, the longer they can live.

5. Smiling, we increase the level of trust. Researchers have tested the hypothesis that a smile is perceived as a signal of mutual trust. People are more beloved and open to those who are friendly and smiling.

6. Smile strengthens the relationship. Smiling people tend to be more optimistic, joyful and emotionally stable, and have a healthier long-term relationship.

7. A smile can make another person happier. When we see a smile on the faces of others, we are stimulated by the work of the heart and brain. This effect is even stronger than chocolate or money.

8. A smile adds confidence. Imagine being a smiling man with a good posture, and you will immediately feel more confident.

9. Smile improves emotional and physical well-being. Even when we smile, not feeling happy enough, we can launch the development of chemicals in the body that help to adjust to the positive. According to the feedback hypothesis, the facial muscles not only express emotions, but also have the ability to transform subjective experiences of emotions and initiate them. Recent studies have confirmed this hypothesis.

10. Smile is relatively simple: a smile requires less effort than darkness, because it will affect a smaller number of facial muscles.

Picture Credit: Pixabay