How to Improve Your Working Memory

How to Improve Your Working Memory

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One of the functions of the nervous system is to receive, store and give out, when necessary, information about life experiences. For various reasons, memory deteriorates with time, and much depends on the way of life that leads a person. To help your memory, first of all, you need to eliminate the cause of its deterioration – the so-called aggression factor. And even if a person needs treatment for this, then it is unlikely that it will work perfectly without proper nutrition and full sleep.

How lifestyle and nutrition affect memory

Nerve cells consume about 25% of calories from our diet. But they do not care what they will take these calories from, so it’s important not just to eat, but to eat right.

  • Very useful for quality brain activity, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: salmon, herring, sesame oil, walnuts, cauliflower. It is important to include in the menu fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products with low fat, eggs.
  • Products containing choline: beans, nuts, and liver improve the metabolic processes of the brain.
  • There are foods that should be avoided in order not to harm brain activity: beverages with high sugar content, artificial colors, sweeteners, large amounts of white bread.
  • Of course, smoking and alcohol abuse do not help memory. In a day you can drink no more than 1 glass of wine.


emotional overload

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One of the factors of aggression is constant anxiety, stress, emotional overload. For students this, for example, can be complex, lengthy sessions, for adults – regular responsible reports at work. If, in addition, a person has a sedentary job, then one must urgently change the way of life.

It is proved that physical activity promotes the growth of gray matter. Aerobic sports (running, walking, biking) help memory. A simple walk improves the ability to solve problems, learning new movements (for example, going to a dance club, or fitness lessons with a coach), increases attention. Physical culture improves the oxygen penetration into the cells, which means that the memory will be better. With a busy schedule, you must always go out to fresh air from time to time, and once a week, arrange a full-fledged day off without a computer.